Classic is unplayable


Same here

I get, perhaps, 2 hours or so of an evening to play Classic WoW, due to commitments I can’t play on weekends at the moment

Made my character on the RP-PVP realm as it was the lowest population to try and avoid the worst of the queues.

Login queue tonight was over 3 hours for the EU RP-PVP realm. That’s significantly more time than I actually have to play.

Right now I am paying a subscription fee to not be allowed to play the game I am paying the fee for


It depends. I logged on at 07.00 this morning on Golemagg and got in instantly just to check while at work. I tried again at 08.00 and it was 3k queue.

Got my brother to log in for me at 12, just so I could maybe play when I got home. Still 1k left in queue 9 hours later, sadly.


Blame the 18 000 morons who create chars on a full realm

I specifically chose the lowest pop realm available to me.

Still have 3+ hours queue


Tons of crybabies everywhere. Must be entitled retail kids.

It will normalize over a week. This is the case for almost every major game launch of this stature. It was almost just like this back in the days. The game is smooth and epic. I’m glad this results in us getting rid of many impatient babies.


You think that’s bad, wait till you get in and find everyone using Questie addon where they camp spawn locations of every mob. a quest which would otherwise take 10 mins to complete takes 20-30 mins.


Hopefully this will help.


Yup, literally cannot play the game, i come from work and i sit in queue until i need to sleep again -_- .


or go to a server where you dont wait 5hours in que?!


started yesterday on a low pop server. Today full with 2500 queue. I love classic :smiley:


yes good idea, leave all my friends behind !


i logged in 60min ago. still 20 to wait. you need to pick a different server. not my fault everyone trying to play on firemaw.


great friends you have they will change their opinion one they have to sit in the que probably


Yes, because of whom you cannot play this game? Because of douchebags that want to feel the world with a hundred of addons. More addons, I SAID MORE ADDONS to have a better experience!!! It is sad…


Blizzard pls do something for this Que that doesn’t make any sense on this year when Tech has gone forward with huge leaps since 2004 & so on. You’re a big Company so surely your Activision Overlords can assist with throwing in more Big $.

Yesterday 27.8 & today 28.8 All I wanted was to Relax in Golden Early Days Azeroth before Simplifications like Self Heal to every Class, Stupid Flying that Ruined WPvP among other things & Ruining Warrior, Hunter & so on… Meaning that to Relax after Quite fine Day at Work that is… **Wasn’t possible cause 27.8 had Few Hrs que when got to sit near Rig after home from work & taken Shower. So no chance for that & then headed to craft Fishy Dinner.

Today 28.8 couple hrs Que starting around 17:25 & 112mins at 21:15 EEST which is furthest Timezone in Europe. You know Blizz the one that didn’t get to adventure at all 26.8 when so called launch happened. Launch should’ve happened at 10am PDT, not 15:00 PDT. At Launch Stress Test it did so why not at Official Launch…** Can’t change Realm cause Friend & I created Chars there during the name reserv. “phase” & plan is to create friendly Mature atmosphered Guild. No gameplay simplifying addons & relaxed adventures in Azeroth :slight_smile:

Sad fact besides this is that there’s hundreds of Lazy Mode Gamers logged into Classic prob. staying longer than 8hrs each day so they won’t get thrown into Que. With Lazy Mode Gamer naturally mean those who come to Classic mode with all of em Quest Tracking, Deadly Boss Mod & other gameplay simplification Addons installed. It would be just the same for them to stay in Retail cause they Clearly they don’t come to Classic mode with same thoughts as many do… Those who escape the simplified content like i do.

Soon also prob. many Botters are wandering around Classic Azeroth & they taking the online slots from True Classic fans.

Kindly: Warcraft Fan since -95, World of Warcraft hype started to grow years before launch once heard about Warcraft Mmo coming. I started Beauty Azeroth adventures at Aug 2005 <3 Nice gaming to everyone & Remember to Recycle & Reduce Plastic Usage :slight_smile:



What do addons have to do with anything


I thought that Classic is for people who want to be part of the world. For example, addon such as “quest helper” (or something like that) destroys everything.

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Jesus get some sleep, or a life. Or maybe just stop afk scripting.


how does it affect you if others use it?

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Imagine paying for name reservation on now superpopulated realms. They started with like 5 servers and in 2 days they got like 30 full servers… Smart boys.


More players on servers because they can use something that makes vanilla more acceptable from casual player point of view?