Classic on M1 Macs?

Years ago I played WoW on my iMac. Now, years later I’m thinking of coming back. Only to play Classic, BC, maybe WotLK if it happens. But that’s it! I’m way too long in the tooth now to switch to PC.


How does Classic perform on M1 Macs? Is it worth coming back?

Probably works just fine (w/ classic graphical settings).

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It works fine for me on Graphics Setting 7 (recommended)

Macbook Pro M1 16GB, works great on all max settings


Only macbook I would ever buy from these last twenty years.

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Also playing on M1, system runs the game easy, doesn’t even get warm. Some small bugs I notice compared to the Windows version like sound cutting out sometimes for one second, but generally I think it’s great, especially when you turn down the settings and lower the FPS you could play the game for about 5 hours on a battery, how awesome is that.

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It will be a bit low powered and may work on minimum settings, do you know anyone with an account who could log in on your Mac and show you? You can download the client and log into retail without gametime but not Classic Era, SoM or TBC Classic.

There are many M1 Macs, a specific model may be a bit better for information

Classic is not based on the Classic 2005 client, it’s based on the Warlords of Draenor client.

eh low powered? The M1 CPU has about the fastest single-threaded performance on the market, also the integrated graphics are pretty beefy. It runs the game easy, on full settings even possibly.

Said no-one ever.


Are you questioning the OPs intelligence? I could have been thinking about an older chip, my Mac knowledge isn’t the best.

Heya, playing on macbook pro m1 (8gb) on recomended settings on 144hz without any issues

Gaming on a Mac LOLOL

That mac is quite good on 1080 not sure about 1440p from videos i have noticed.

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