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So… as many are here, I am quite intrigued by how much more of an RPG WoW Classic was. Wand while it is improbable, it isn’t impossible that there might be new Classic-content after Naxxramas in the future.

Since this new content would only make sense, if the principle behind it is notably different from retail, let us assume that they’d try to stick to the Classic experience as closely as possible, and since we are just speculating, let us assume that the writers set on the tast would be competent enough, no matter how improbable you might think that is.

So I’ll assume here that they would try to go for a much stronger focus on RPG elements, make the story more a peripheral thing, experienced through the eyes of the adventurer, and not something that really happens outside of the playable stuff. I’d also expect them to stick closer to their genre, leave the mediveal-ish cultures as mediveal as they are and keep up most of the cosmic stuff. Classic is much more “down to earth”, and it would make mcuh sense to keep it that way, if you already have retail to go nuts with that.

With that out of the way, here is my question:

How would you like a Classic+ – story that follows the described model to develop?

Note that much of the stuff that happened in the Chronicles wouldn’t have to be canon here, for example, Draenei wouldn’t have to be alien spacefarers.

To make it a bit easier I’ll give a very short rundown of the situation at the end of Naxx:

The world is permanently on the defensive. The ravages of the Third War are still keeping the factions occupied, and since then it hasn’t become calmer. Especially the Quirai and the Scourge were a direct threat to the capital cities themselves, and could only be narrowly fought back, mostly by cutting the heads off their operations. No one has troops to spare for anything, so heroes like the player are many places’ only hope. Even minor threats are free to roam and become bigger problems.

All the while Stormwind’s King has been abducted by the Defias, who essentially want a revolution against the corrupt Stormwind. And corrupt it is. Lady Onyxia was at the very side of the young Prince, making policies together with the House of Nobles. And while Onyxia might have fallen, the House is still there, and there is no real King to oppose them.

For the dwarves, the daughter of the King is now in the hands of their hated enemy. Even worse, it’s by choice! Not only that, but with the defeat of Ragnaros there might be big change coming for the Dark Iron, but is Khaz Modan ready for it?
All the while the gnomish efforts mostly focus on freeing their home city and healing their people.

I’ll leave it to others to summarize the situation for the Night Elves and the Horde, since I am not as familiar with that, but it doesn’t look good for anybody.

The factions themselves are not at war, but perfectly willing to scrimish over anything or nothing.

And the dark threat of the Lich King still looms large in the North, while demons from the Nether still try to enter Azeroth to destroy everything…
The Dragon Aspects still have their power, and Deathwing, known as a master manipulator, is still out there somewhere after his last defeat.

Quel’Thalas is assumed fallen, with the surviving Elves suffering from the loss of the Sunwell and finding shelter within the Alliance, or, more commonly, in Outland with their Prince.

Most of the plots within Classic have been taken up in retail, but how would you go about retelling a new version of this story?


You wanted Classic. You got Classic. Why should Blizzard now giving you more than that? So you can pretend the last 15 years didn’t happen in a bubble? You give them a branch and they want a tree. :wink:


Actually, no. I never cared for Classic. But I do like it, now I have it and would like a better version even better. Retail is not that better version to me. So kindly take your comment somewhere else.


Imagine giving Golden the full responsibility to write new lore.


This feels like a hidden High Elf thread.

You don’t. And it shouldn’t. There is no reason to recycle this story when it already was solved.

Retail is the main story. There is no reason to create told story another time just because you disgareed with the first outcome of it.

But Chronicles is the MAIN canon. There is no way around it.



I’ll just ignore Erevien’s salt and ask people just to reply, if they are willing to accept the premises I set out. If you don’t want Classic+, I really don’t care. If you think the authors will botch anything anyway, I don’t care. That has nothing to do with this thread.

This is strictly a thought experiment about HOW it should be done, IF it was to be done.


Imagine believing Blizzard is actually capable of writing such a story without making the same mistakes again. :smirk:


You should really at some point start learning basic reading comprehension.


So you say you do not actually care about classic? But just about the chance of retcon pretty much everything since the first expansion? Right? Just so we are clear hear of what the premise of this topic is.


Yes. That’s about it.


Well, I would like to see high elves being playable in the alliance with Quel’Thalas and all that stuff. Also I’d love to see everything post SoO retconned.


Told ya this one would coming.


Perfect idea!
When the Bronze Dragonflight can ruin our lore with Werlürds of Dränör™, it can make itself useful for once and bring us back!

:beer: :sunglasses:


I’d like to see some unreleased content that was planned for classic. Karazhan, Dragon Isles, Emerald Dream, Outland (that Hellfire Peninsula prototype in the files). There’s Caverns of Time stuff hidden as well, but I’m not sure if I want it.

I also think that we should keep the neutral organizations at the bare minimum needed, the factions can unite together, but let’s have healthy representation from both sides. For example, Karazhan. I’d like to see Kirin Tor (or Conjurers of Stormwind) on the side of the Alliance, while the Horde rep faction there are orcish warlocks from, let’s say, Stonard.

As for zones, they could release Gilneas, Northern Plaguelands, Grim Batol, Quel’thalas and a lot of other stuff. There was supposed to be a Wildhammer vs Revantusk battleground as well. Really, there’s a lot of possibilites it could go.


Game will just die faster this way because the Horde will just disappear as faction like that. And then blizzard loses money. At least for the classic+ sub.

(Lysende) #16

So basically you want The Burning Crusade :stuck_out_tongue:


No. Space ships, aliens and Light gods, as well as the cleansening of the Blood Elves, essentially reducing them to High Elves, were clear steps downward in my eyes, as well as a few other minor things.

What I was interested in was your opinion. Would you want the story to unfold as it did in BC?


So do you want to add stuff which isn’t accessable in retail?

(Lysende) #19

I don’t particularly like the story of TBC (even though I love the setting and the gameplay), but what I dislike even more is the idea of split timelines. WoD was bad, but splitting the canon into two would be even worse imo.


Whatever you might think would fit, yes. The assumption with a Classsic+ would be, that they would put development ressources behind it. That makes it unlikely to happen, but this thread assumes that it would, for speculation’s sake.

I do think independent timelines are a quite different concept than essentially a reboot that does never cross over with the original. But thanks for your opinion.