Classic PvP Content Plan

Fully agreed on that, felt very questionable.


You can still summon the Ancients and the NPCs are still there (well, not all of course).

See the quote below:


Good news - well, besides the AV-Version.
Otherwise: Great! - And now, give us the release date. :wink:


The PvP rewards are a bit to powerful to be released along with BWL I would say.
When Phase 2 hits and the top guilds have already geared up, they will use an advantage already to slaughter people in wPvP. This, not only in lack of other things, but to get as high ranks as possible come BWL - which (depending on the lenght of Phase 2) might have people enter in PvP gear.


Doubt you will be seeing PvErs gear up in PvP past PvP tier 1.
Everything in BWL is an upgrade to PvP tier 1 so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

As a whole I really like this, the only big issue I have with it is the 1.12 epic quality gear being added straight away. While it will take a significant amount of time before anyone is able to farm higher ranks without battlegrounds I still think people running around with that excellent gear so early may be a bit of a problem.


People seem to forget that for many roles the pvp gear doesn’t actually benefit them. (Tanks Healers) And certainly doesn’t warrant the time investment compared to raid gear. Only 0.03% of the population will be able to get Rank 14 weapons and that will probably be towards phase 4. People seem to think pvp gear will be an easy alternative, IT IS NOT

Even rank 10+ is a lot of time investment


Fantastic news about the phased pvp, I think you’ll be rightly hammered by the 1.12av choice though. It would be worth a review by you on all the removed features from it and maybe there’s some good middle ground to work with.


Well sucks to see bgs not coming with the honor system, lame boy

No they don’t.

Raid cities after you achieve your rank. If memory serves you could keep using your items even if you lost the rank.

This is a mixed bag. All in all I am not happy.

1.12 pvp items will be either overpowered or released too late. Make the effort to update them as you progress through the content release . I don’t get this.

Not having PvP trinkets for months will make for loads of broken pvp.

Av 1.12 is flat out a bad decision. Bad. Weak. Ugly. :persevere: Step up your game.

The rest is kinda ok.

I understand authenticity but here we are bordering a bare minimum job and I am kinda disappointed.


As others have already stated allowing us to have 1.12 gear so early on in the game is not a good idea. The items are far too powerful even for the amount of effort you have to put in, at so early a stage. They should reallly be updated at a later date. That’s my only complaint really other than AV not being pre nerf but otherwise I think it’s important the devs realize that having 1.12 PVP rewards so early on is NOT a good idea for proper progression.


Concerned about this, too.


If 100 RP is weeks of progress to you, I don’t even know what to say

This worries me as well, that carrot is mighty tasty… too tasty.
And with world pvp beeing the only way to get to that overpowered gear, i fear (nasty word) that in fase 2 chain ganking will be the topic of the day in pvp realms.

Personally i had the misfortune, experiencing the consequences of the above first hand on a p server.
Non stop ganking near flight points, quest hubs, dungeons, at popular quest mobs etc
After the late level 40’s, levelling came to a halt, i was either traveling, dying, corps running, or waiting to be able to ress.
To then simply get ganked over and over again, by well geared higher level rankers.

I know world pvp is part off a pvp server, we are looking forward to having it again.
But this was not world pvp, this was simply levelers playing for target dummy.
Until there fed up, reroll or quit.
Either make that carrot less attractive ( 1.12 gear to early ) or have bg at the start off fase 2.

No rp-pvp and now this, so far i was pretty happy with the weekly updates.
But this one and that in combination with probably no rp pvp, makes for one sad puppy ( well, more like a old scruffy dog, but a sad one)


World pvp incoming in 3…2…1 =) Can’t wait for this, it will be a hot summer for sure prepares few weeks of vacation

Please reconsider your stance on progresssive itemization. This plan is perfect besides the fact that it is lacking progressive itemization. Your primary concern is bringing an authenthic experience (as you said so yourselves) and putting 1.12 PvP gear in phase 2 does not match that principle.
Thanks for another update and I hope there is still room for minor improvements!


Now that I think about it we don’t even have release date so it is understandable that they have not decided on the phase dates uptil now

Looks good!

Since there are no dishonorable kills in Phase 1, does Blizzard plan to intervene in any way (discourage by punishment etc.) to mitigate the killing of quest-givers and Auction House NPCs?

Does this technically count as griefing to be reportable?

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