Classic PvP Content Plan

Absolutely fantastic.

I do think they should put out BGs at phase 2 though, it is going to be crazy if to level between P2 and P3 :smiley:

Love it.


are you joking ? reports for killing enemy NPC? :smiley: you must be troll


Awesome news

No man, this way we get Southshore and Tarren Mill fights. It’s a great incentive to participate in world PvP.


Maybe in pve servers… Does attacking those npc flag you?

@Timoris I don’t know, I only played on PvP servers back then and I think it did flag me.

@Bulo My question is of legitimate concern, you guys know they put in DHKs to discourage people from doing this right? Because it eventually became a form of griefing.

It’s not by any means a troll question, I just want to know the official stance on it.

DM was released almost a month after EU’s launch and 4 months after NA’s launch. So expect 3-4 months without your PvP trinket :slight_smile:

I agree. The 1.12 gear is too powerful to be available so soon in the cycle. A change of policy here would be very welcome.

Got to say Blizz, these updates have been fantastic. looking forward to seeing where these content phases will land.

The ideas you present are sound and interesting.

Im mixed on the AV standing unlike some others but maybe a happy medium ground would be to release an earlier version at Wave 3 and update it to 1.12 version at maybe wave 5?

I think this might help some people and give a… refreshing change whilst still being inline with the “Vanilla Spirit!”

I will say though @Kheluriel that the PVP rewards is what i believe to be a mistake.

I believe this too be so because:

  1. For some Classes (If not all) PVP Epic gear is BIS untill Aq40 or Naxx
  2. It’ll tip the scales in regards to raid balance because the gears too strong
  3. It make put some people off raiding as as stated in 1… Gear wont easily be replaced this side of Phase 5/6

Might i suggest that we lock the PVP reward gear to PVP-Rare and then at maybe wave 4 we unlock the Pvp-Epic gear?

This would Balance out the game more, Stop raiding power spikes.

I believe I’m not along in saying this and i hope people who agree with this will Like this post.


It’s great when people just eat up what is obviously a “let’s make this game as cheaply as possible” plan.

You’d think we didn’t have people mock us for nearly two decades for paying a subscription fee as well as base game here. Amateurs man.

Do it right and stop being cheapo’s Activision. Blizzard just takes the scraps these days.

So its looking good on the main? right now it’s looking like they put less effort in than some psever teams.

It’s not hard to get it right btw.

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Is classic gonna work on IOS from launch day? If i want to keep the farm up then i need to play on a laptop.

Its all a matter of perspective.

As someone whos played through from Launch to current I can say that yes.

The game is more accessible, Doesn’t mean its good though.

It looks pretty, But it feels like the heart is missing.

There are people who loved the challenge that Classic presented, something you dont find in Main anymore outside of Mythic and even then TBC Heroics i feel were better than M+

Everyones opinion is valid, It doesn’t affect your play. :smiley: So let sleeping dogs lie


Great news. Thanks Blizz. Love phase 2 without bg.

I probably won’t be 60 for phase 2, hope I’ll be able to do 40-50 wpvp without too many 60 messing as they won’t gain honor killing me but will loose time.

I think it would have been fine to release AB with the WSG and AV but doesn’t matter really.

And like everyone else I am really disappointed to hear that you didn’t change your mind or don’t consider changing it, yet, about AV version.
You have listen to the community on every subject so far. Do it for this one too.
After all, you have all phase 1 and 2 to implement an older version (any would be better than 1.12 AV).

Do not implement dishonorable kills! Griefers will kill “civilians” in raids and give dishonorable points to everyone in raid and it sucks. 28k+ kills for a high rank and only 500 dishonorable kills to remove it all!

I am probably going to play on PVE servers but I simply can’t justify this idea of Dishonorable kills. I am gonna play anyway of course, but this does not seem a good decision.

The only lively pvp we can get on PVE servers are the city raids. Why discourage those?

Maybe make a compromise?

Great news in general! Some gripes however…

1.12 item stats has some problems with it that I will elaborate on:
-trivialises certain raid content and I strongly advocate for more progressive itemization.
-instead of slow gear progression this makes for a huge power spike with the epic and blue PVP sets

Major questions that need answers:

  1. 1.12 stats for PvP rewards would indicate no progressive itemization. Is this true also for PvE gear? I hope not.
  2. How big are the release windows between phase 2 and 3? This will have a huge effect on gear progression with PvE vs. PvP gear. The shorter the better with 1.12 stats, but not that short if progressive itemization is implemented.

So what about the additional PVP honor rewards that were added later down the line. The Grandmarshal quickblade 1h sword was one of them I believe?

Thank you for the post, looking forward to the next one! :slight_smile:
(beta test when? xD)

Cant wait for PVP , i returned to wow not long time ago, month or so

havent been playing for like 10 years.
and found this jewel of mine. rembering how much time and effort i put to bloody have my lv 39 twink maxed out with get and enchantments.
And as it was is still here untouched for over 10 years.
Miss those twink days