Classic / Unavailable character

Hello there, so I decided to get back to WoW recently and when logged into my Vanilla account I am just not able to play my character on the Zandalar Tribe realm. It just says “clone available” and that the “Shop is temporarily unavailable. Please, try again later.” with a gray button to Enter the World.

What should I do? Thanks.

If you never chose an Era for your clone, then it has been automatically activated on TBCC therefore disabling the Classic clone.

All clones will be set to be purged asap as the service is discontinued since July 26, 2022.

I can’t see my clone on TBCC though.

The below topic has a player with the same issue and cloned toons who then had to be moved into the consolidated realm. There was a mass realm consolidation some weeks back, your toons can be on Hydraxian Waterlords*.

Try making a dummy level 1 toon there to see if they’ve arrived.

Edit: Changed to Hydraxian Waterlords after Dottie’s post.

I’ve tried to create 1lvl toon on both Classic & TBCC Morgraine realms, but nothing happened. :confused:

Where are you looking? Should be on Hydraxian Waterlords

I’ve gone through all the realms, no clones of my warrior found so far.

Have you actually LOGGED INTO the realm Hydraxian Waterlords on TBCC (the Burning Crusade Classic), not classic.

Oh sorry it was Hydraxian Waterlords* as Dottie noticed. Too much Mograine’ing lately…

I just created a 1lvl toon on Hydraxian Waterlords on TBCC, logged in, logged out, and deleted the character. Still nothing.

You will need to open a ticket then.

Well from the main thread it appears that some toons are still delayed… May take longer.

Will do, thx for your immediate support. Cheers.

Any news on this? it’s been over a month, and my character is STILL gone…

This is what you need to do. You didn’t even need to necro this old post to do it either.

I did. Has been up for 6 days and i got an automated reply saying they put my ticket as “resolved” and that if i still have i problem i need to provide more information… What is going on man

Did you try providing the more information they asked for?

You did check on Mograine for your character?

if it’s not there did you try making a new character to refresh the list?

Yes, i checked morgraine, i’ve even been playing a new DK there. I created new characters, deleted cache etc., all the tips i could find.
I don’t know how to provide more information… this is my original ticket:

“I had a lvl 60 warlock in classic wow. I didn’t play it in tbc (played another character). Now, after the servermerges, it’s disappeared. It was originally on Flamelash named Arkimedes, but I moved it to Noggenfogger with the name Zebragiraf during classic. havn’t played it since. Where is it now? I’ve seen somewhere, that from august 10’th, characters could be unavaibable for up to two weeks. It’s been a month now, and it’s getting too late for me to get to 70 before wotlk launch”

The character i’m asking about is the one i’m using on this very forum…

The only thing you can do is open another ticket or try to reopen the old one.

The Blizzard forum posters cannot help with this.

Yea i’ve done that, and in my frustation sought to the forums to see if the community could help. Know this thread is old, but i hoped a solution had been found.
Thanks for trying to help