Cloning down to 15€ and No Boost?

I just now looked at the shop after the new update came. seem like the Cloning is as said down to 15€ wich is a nice suprise!
But also the boost is gone? could not find any. all I could find was character transfer and cloning.
maybe it will show up? maybe not. I know some friends that won´t be happy But I think it´s good for the game without it.

EDIT as dottie said. the 15€ was announced last week. my bad. But No boost?

Can you link those things as I cannot find them.

I can only find the EU ones.

in the blizzard app: SHOP-GAMES-CLASSIC-scroll down

The prices are not in $, if they are you are looking at the wrong shop.

Fixed. but the dollar were not the point it was that they lowered it from 35? and now it´s 15. also. NO boost to be seen

That drop in cloning price was announced last week.

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I see. have not been up to date then.

I’m waiting to see the prices of the two most expensive things. The boost and the deluxe edition.

I reckon £35 for the boost and £55-58 for the deluxe edition.

Well when I get up anyway.

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we´ll see I suppose :slight_smile: hope they remove it tho

what if i have a 59 character and finish it to 60 in classic. will i clone the 60 or the 59 (because they made a hard copy on release day)?

i know it sounds silly but its blizzard XD

It will clone as 59. Since there are now two classics I assume you mean clone to Classic TBC.

That’s if it was 59 before last nights shutdown.

why wouldnt they make it more flexible for future characters. lets say i want to play in wow classic and later convert the char to tbc classic. its a weird concept for such a greedy company to lock them all to the state the character had before pre-launch-event…

isnt that a nightmare for the ceo. how can he sleep at night like that :open_mouth:

also the text is written in a weird way on their shop page. they state “pre-launch” but continue to write “to clone your character, simply log in to tbc or wow classic…” . wtf how would i clone a tbc character i never had before pre-launch

People will abuse it. They will move gold around and clone that newer version with all the gold.

Quick answer, you can’t, if you want one make it on the Classic-era realms.

Any character you had before today can be moved or cloned, any character made after cannot be moved or cloned, which makes perfect sense. You can’t move an Alliance shaman to Classic-era.

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