WoW Classic Character Clone Pricing Update

Salutations, WoW Classic players! We’d like to inform you about a course correction we’re making.

When you log in to WoW Classic after the patch next week, each of your Classic characters will choose between staying in Classic Era (version 1.13) and progressing to Burning Crusade Classic (version 2.5). For those who want to play a character in both versions, we’re offering a service to purchase a character clone in the other version of the game.

This service – providing a player with a second copy of a character in a different game – is new for us. Our original concept of the value of this service was largely based on how we price other optional items and services. We want players who choose Classic Era realms to feel as though their choice comes with the possibility that they’ll be able to build relationships and guilds with other players they can count on.

However, over the last week or so, we’ve gotten a very large amount of feedback from the community, and we’ve decided to lower the price. A lower price will likely still accomplish our goals with the new service, while allowing many more players to explore the option of playing characters on both Classic Era and Burning Crusade Classic realms.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to lower the price of a cloned character in WoW Classic to €15 (£12). You’ll see the lower price in-game when the service becomes available next week.

As always, we deeply appreciate the passion and thoughtfulness of the WoW community. We play WoW alongside you, and we can’t wait to join you next week on Classic Era realms, in the Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch, and as we step through the Dark Portal with you in June.

Thank you very much,

– The World of Warcraft Development Team


Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for listening! I wasn’t going to clone my main due to the high cost, but now it certainly looks a lot more tempting.


Blizzard, thank you for listening, and lowering the price; £12 is a more reasonable price.

If you must charge for the character clone service, then a price of around £6 per clone seems to me more agreeable. Cutting the price to a relatively low level will surely incentivize uptake of the service, and increase the likelihood players will clone multiple alts.

Also, you could consider including one character clone with a 6 month subscription.


Does the subscription fee not pay for server costs? I don’t understand what makes this something that needs to be paid for on top of that. Storing up to 50 characters a month (monthly sub) is worth as much as storing 1 classic character?

You keep 30-ish of my characters data fully stored for years when I’m not paying. We haven’t had to pay to copy a character to the ptr.

I just don’t understand why this is paid when nothing else to do with storing characters previously needed paying for on top of already paying a subscription to access the server.

I don’t have an issue with Blizzard wanting to monitise their product, they’re in a spot where nobody wants changes to the game but Blizzard want to make money off it still and that’s understandable. I’m not against the idea of the Dark Portal Pass because you can optionally pay for things that have some sort of real value (even if it’s overpriced still). But I don’t see how any value is being offered here. Classic realms are going to be dead and you’re already snapshotting every character.

There’s decisions made on how to monitise this game and it looks like they’re being made by people not playing the game.


You did not listen to us regarding longer pre patch. But hey this is a good change indeed! My question is are you guys doing this to gain more revenue or is this done from the heart.

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Oh generous gods, how great thine are.

Lord Bobby has blessed us. Now I only have to pay an extra £12 on top of the annual £120 access fee, if I want to keep playing the game I bought in 2006 for a tenner.


They are a publicly traded company. What do you think?


That sounds amazing. Thank you for that.

But could you please clarify how the snapshot is handled if the player decides to play on classic and switch later to TBC? I think there is a bunch of confusion about that topic.

TBC > Classic, snapshot is used ?

Classic > TBC, Snapshot is updated by the progress made in the meantime?

Again thanks for lowering the price <3

  • intentionally set an absurd price for the Cloning
  • lower it to the actual decided price when inevitable backlash is received
  • everyone starts clapping and praising ActiBlizz

I really hope you guys aren’t actually falling for this.


very good decidion… ppl who complain pls you need realized… if thy do this for free ppl will abuse economy … by lending gold from friend and make infinite gold and mat on classic era… Also maitainign both servers cost something…
15E is totaly fine…
i just woudl consider 35-40E for acount for those who have lot of alts and wish them copy.


I love it. People immediately forget… Jesus…


It is pleasing to hear that you changed your ridicilous decision and took a step back. I’m happy with 15euros for cloning, its a lot more reasonable than 35 and I think is a good balance. Was expecting it to be between 10-15 euros before anyway.

Also, this is such a big slap on the face of some whiteknights saying that Blizzard never reads our posts, all our efforts are for nothing, we can not change the decision, we should just give up and fold.
See 3heads? Community reaction CAN lead to results. Community reaction CAN overturn bad decisions.
But you will keep doing what you always were doing regardless.


Well thats a price thats ok for a service,


I am falling for this. And I won’t even use character copy.
The negative effect, never wears off. I don’t think it was deliberate.

I’m glad to see it.

As stated multiple times, a small tip to clone a character should a tip and not costing more than the original game, especially if Classic era and TBCC are supposed to let you live the old expansions without having to favor one or the other.

Conveniently creating a problem that did not exist and offer a solution via cost.

I canceled my sub the day they announced the price.

Not coming back to such scumbaggery.

You talk about bulding relationships in the post, maybe you guys at Blizzard should look into that, because right now you are cutting any connections with players. You guys live in a delusional world, where Bob from accounting/marketing is taking decisions for you and the guy does not even play the game, he’s just here for the money.

You guys are so disconnected with your player base, it is simply incredible.

Now we know why Longdale got hired, because she is just a puppet that follows without question the higher-ups that are looking to squeeze in that quarterly profits to impress investors.

Congratz, you made a quick buck but damaged things long term and losing in the end. Very short sighted.

Instead of thinking on how to make players play long term and keep them subbed for next 2-4 years with great content. You guys drive them away. Really smart. But that would imply thinking.


Want some bread too that whine?


Should never have been $35 in first place, this has shown us Activision is in control and has left a nasty taste in our mouths for future of Classic TBC and WotLK Classic for the final replay trilogy.

By dropping it to $15, i guess they’ll plan for a lot more monetisation in TBC to compensate, watch.

If original price was $15, i probably would’ve gone for it to keep my warlock there or my warrior. Now that it’s dropped to $15 after $35, nah mate.

I’m baffled why Blizzard keeps making problems themselves, then think we’re doing a good job by cleaning up their own crap ha


That’s what all you complaining princesses are doing though?
Creating problems where there are none.


Want some brain with that reply?