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Looking for raiding guild

Bumping for the Glory of Animosity


Edited to update our recruitment priorities for Battle of Dazar’alor:

Multi-dotting classes, especially shadow priest!

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Always looking for more DPS, especially with a tank offspec, or Shadow Priest or Balance Druid.

/w ingame or add one of the officers if you wanna have a talk.

Checheglin - Officer [Archones#2793]
Gentlepaws - Officer [NeoNebulosa#2789]
Twissy - Officer [Shivers#2630]

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We are now 7/9 NM BoD and 1/9 HC!
Looking for DPS, especially ones with strong multi-dot abilities, e.g. S.Priest, B.Druid and locks. As well, DPS who keeps up a tank offspec.


Hey there are you guys still recruiting my mage is looking for a home and possibly my Druid my btag is Asuna86#2280

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We are now 3/9 HC! Still recruiting rDPS and players with good tank/heal offspecs!


4/9 HC with good progress on Conclave! Looking for rdps, and other dps with strong tank offspecs!

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Cleared normal 9/9 NM and 4/9 HC now.

Current raid schedule:
Sunday - normal clear
Wednesday & Monday - HC progress

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