Concept for Official HC Ah & Mailboxes

If Blizzard implement the official hc servers following rules of the community and disallow auction house and mailboxes, I think it would be fun and interesting to add something like the following…

Mailboxes are totally vandalized and unusable and to add to it they are being repaired by a peon (or equivalent from other races) with their typical voice overs.

Auction Houses are burning down with peons (or equivalents) rushing about pouring water and civilians rushing out screaming for their lives (in a fun way - nothing dark or sinister).

Could even add a cinematic clickable?

My two pence worth.

Hm… kill flightpaths too! Walk! More vivid world!

Isn’t there just one rule on the HC realms that’s different? One life.

That’s the “official” Blizzard rule as I understand. But then there ils the player implementation of HC rules via addons, which seems as restrictive as possible, and converts the MMORPG into an ORPG.

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People want to play alone in an MMORPG, I just cannot understand why.

I can think of a few insults about why to do with their personality or personal hygiene, but solo in an MMO, why?

Maybe they should try Skyrim.

You obviously didn’t meet enough horrible randoms. :sweat_smile:

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Community are just gonna ruin hardcore in my opinion.

I want to play an MMORPG not Elden Ring.

If u think community gonna ruin hc how u want to play mmorpg?? People like solo leveling experince in hc like elden ring. Thats what makes hc fun and challenging. Otherwise players will just spam dungeon leveling. I dont understand why people want ah - trade and limitless dungeons in hc. If u want those things go play in normal servers.

Bliz only should allow ah and trade after min. 40 lvl and limited dungeon experience like daily dungeon lock. Thats all hc mod needs. I just dont like we cant share our bank with alts in hc mode. This is so dumb we cant use our own drops with our alts lol. Every hc game has shared bank option. This has to change so people can lvl their proffessions more comfortable like enchanting.

Then do not go HC server - problem solved.

“If you want those things go play in normal”

Your own words.

Fortunately blizzard think hc currently is anti-social and I agree. Not saying they can’t limit dungeons though. A hc specific economy would be interesting.

Cool ideas but this would actually require Blizz to do some work…
I think they’re into HC because it’s easy money: change 3 lines of code for perma death and voilà.
I doubt they will disallow trading, they said they would keep HC rules to a minimum so expect mailboxes, AH and player trading to work.
Otherwise their scumbag gold farming friends wouldn’t be able to participate :zipper_mouth_face:

Only for the scrubs like me that can’t reach 60.
At end game HC is just as social as the other versions, you can trade, group etc. You just can’t die.

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