Conquest Earnings Increase -- 29 September

We’ve seen feedback that it takes too many games to reach the Conquest cap, and we agree. We’re making the following change:

  • Conquest awarded by all activities has been increased by 70%.

The hotfix will go live in each region during scheduled weekly maintenance (03:00 CEST Wednesday, 29 September in this region).


now add solo queue.


Not adding the soloq makes you lose more players, which then makes the soloQ needed even more(harder to get any grps for anything)! one way or another blizzard u will add soloQ, so better do it sooner than later! SOLOQUEUE IS INEVITABLE


That a great change in the great direction :+1: !


I think they forgot to add that for HONOR as well cuz honor is equally if not even more hard to farm as u need to upgrade your gear 5 ranks each piece
i need to do like 20 arenas win/lose to get 1 upgrade not to mention 4 more for 1 piece and then a lot lot more for each and every single other piece, cmon its not hard, just put the same buff like conquest but for honor. PLEASEEEEE i have billions of alts i want to playyyyyyyy


SoloQ is not the solution. It will only bring more toxicity and negativity into the game.
Do you think every single dps all of the sudden will get a healer in the queue?
Do you think queing as a uhdk and getting demo lock team mate will be fun to play vs rogue/mage?
Do you think some healer will ever stay with you after 1st loss?
Do you think it will be fun to queue into warrior/healer premade?

I do understand the desire of soloQ to spend less time in Oribos, but you already have it - just list your group in group finder and invite 1st person sign’ing up regardless of role/spec/ilvl200+. You will get a good feeling of how soloQ will look like.


Oh, you’ve seen feedback. Right.

Have you seen this thread?

Pvp gearing - In Development / 9.1.5 PTR Testing and Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

It’s the biggest thread on your feedback forum. Nearly a thousand posts, bigger than the next five-ten threads combined. Upvoted like all hell.

Have you seen it? Right, pretend that you haven’t.

Your change in the OP is meh. I mean, it’s better than nothing, but it’s largely irrelevant. PVP is going to remain dead until you fix the real issue.

1 honor set, 1 conquest set, 0 rating requirements please. Stop the stupidity.


35 conquest per win in 2s = 171 wins to cap ( assuming 6k cap)
50 conquest per win in 3s = 120 wins (assuming 6k cap)

This ignores daily bonus conquest earned.

No bonus % conquest gains announced once one character is capped (a previous system WoW had) and STILL no announcement to allow honor to be transferred to alts.

I just can’t be bothered with it.


Exactly. Because people who solo queue will always get blasted by premades on voice c hat and those are already the meta. Solo q doesn’t even stand a chance against even a slightly organized team. Imagine having to type to set up your executions with your party. That’s not gonna work in pvp.

Rated pvp, the way it is in WoW is all about being organized and in voice chat. Nothing else is viable.

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To what point?
Expecting that for magic someone very skilled will be paired with you every single match to push to 2k?


Now hear gear changes that people want 1 honor gear set - 1 conquest gear set.


woohoo 14 conquest a day for a second random bg win now

Don’t get me wrong, its a good change, but Jesus Christ we need more than drip feeding crumbs to undo some of the insane grindy crap we’ve had to put up with for ages.

At this point I suppose we should be grateful you haven’t sold it as a patch feature.


Is there anyone left doing PvP to benefit from this… I suppose it will me get the set for tmog easier.

The best way to farm conquest is 3v3 rated arena. It was 35 per win before the change, I don’t know how much it is now. 3v3 is in general the best way to farm anything in pvp - mounts and saddles, too. Rated battlegrounds are nowhere near as rewarding as they should be compared to the effort they take.

Well how about removing the cap with the hotfix?

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Thanks, and I know. It’s just I do arenas on my paladin and cap easily. I just pew pew a little on my druid and do random BG’s and the 8 conquest for the second win of the day is a joke.


I am, my friend who just started sl is, and ofc alts.

But i wont bother with any alt until i can skip stories and start renown 40

well rbg solo queue wont have any premades allowed
it will be pug vs pug
somewhat decent change for those who are still running arena i guess
seen alot of those outside orgrimmar with rivals and duelists seems they are finished with pvp for now

Nobady is quiting over soloQ.

It’s an okay change but there must’ve been a massive drop in people bothering to queue for them to do this. Might be too late though, time will tell.