Conquest Earnings Increase -- 29 September

no, the conquest earnings were fine… the second random bg win and on should reward more conquest. no arena rating to upgrade. some players like me play games for fun… imagine players play games for fun these days lmao. esport split the playerbase into 2 pieces. stop it. if you want play tryhard pvp against premades, go for arenas/rbgs. arenas/rbgs should reward slightly more conquest points for shure than random bgs, but not too much difference.


Maybe not quitting but there are many ‘not starting’ because of its absence. I would do rated PvP for more than the tiny bit I have if there was a SoloQ (I believe others would as well)


Nobady will ever put down mmo just beocuse there is no soloq for rated play nobady.

I never said that. I said more people like myself would give rated PvP a go if there was one.


Nonsense. People sometimes come from other games, then they get to PVP, then they see that there is no solo queue, go “wut?” and nope out.

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Real problem is rating lock , getting matched with 2k+ 15 yo arena veterans while trying to get 1400 is not fun. Your games pvp will stay dead until this is gone.


U genuinly are the least intelligent person ive ever seen post on this forum… SOLOqueueing into a premade? like WUT!!! did u ever play any game that has SoloQ!!! Brother… when u use SoloQ bracket u only get matched against other people that SoloQueued, therefore every1 who queues solo is in the same boat…


I will, cuz MMO aspect of this game is dead, mostly due to tokens but also other game breaking stuff.
So the only thing that keeps me playing this game is arena… Arena which is locked behind humongous grind and a terrible and outdated LFG system, which doesnt give a fair chance for individuals to climb raiting.


We want solo queue for RBG!

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Don’t care pvp is not balanced, and most of time I get players who have no idea how other classes works.

Can alts get a conquest points catch up? Something like twice as much or more until they have almost caught up.


Can you remove the daily lockout on conquest from random BGs now? It makes no sense for it to exist now that weekly cap exists. It’s like saying you’re only allowed to do 1 m+ per day for loot and vault. We shouldn’t have to be limited to 15 minutes per day of fun in a random BG if we want to catch up for conquest in a casual way.


Should’ve been 150% and implemented on release. Noone is having fun catching up a 200 alt against 252 people (cant really say everyone is running in 2.1k gear, but 1.8 is plentyful) for 200+ wins and 300 losses in 3s.
Tbh 70% looks like a machine-learning, big data BS metric this whole SL design is filled with…

Yeah and while we’re here x2 the honor gains too, there was never a time we had 2 pvp grinds that long, while the participation this low (late WoD maybe idk)


Change the 70% to 300%. Cheers.

99.99% of people who ask for soloq doesn’t even mention brackets - their main reason for soloQ is staying for hours in Oribos (omegalul) and not getting into 2v2 3v3 due to no one inviting thrm, and soloQ somehow should fix that. There won’t be additional 3 pvp rated brackets, the best you’ll get with soloq is queing into main brackets.

And you are living proof of how the soloq system will fail (no matter if it’s seperate or not) due to toxicity and personal attacks towards other people :slight_smile: I already see people like you whispering others after lost matches of how “least intelligent people they are” :slight_smile: you can already see this randomness toxicity in MOBA games.

No to soloqueue, idiotic idea.

I hope that belief doesn’t equate to everyone cause I surely would start PvP if I could(I have alternate actual reasons for not starting unlike “SoloQ REE”. Also a simple solution to the problem exists, it’s kind of meta and hella unprofessional but in the words of the good pvp players: “Git gud”, of which I am not one but hey, it’s true and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it).

But it is broke… PvP is dying. And if a bunch of SoloQ ‘noobs’ turn up we won’t trouble the established order, we can just bash around the bottom looking to reach1600 etc.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained from my point of view. If it doesn’t work then remove it.

Personally I only really want to seasonal tmog (and maybe the mount). I have done ‘some’ rated BQs (getting to 1300s.) The problem was the groups, it often took hours to get in to one, for that to be formed and to get into a game, then as soon as you are beaten (1st,2nd, 3rd game it didn’t matter) the group would collapse. I literally spent 16 hours one day and played 4 games (winning 2 losing 2)…That is ‘broken’

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Low MMR RBG LFG will be pretty dead, cuz people get farmed by fully geared 2100+ arena players without any chances to win who q for conquest farm. 80% LFG is geared arena players going to farm low MMR.

Please talk with the team about adding more honour, you spend hours to upgrade the higher ranked pieces respectively and its awful since there’s no smaller, equally decent alternative to grinding honour like there is with battle grounds which as alliance might as well be in 7 out of 10 cases a case of afking out due to gear diff being such a strong factor still with casuals having no access to anything without days to maybe weeks of grinding the honour set.