Conquest Earnings Increase -- 29 September

Still 15 conquest per BG win.

Wasn’t it 8 before? But ye, it still takes ages. Blizzard and their amazing fixes.

You have 0 arenas played this season, your highest raiting lifetime is 1.6 and here u are discussing arena on forum… and im the problem? If u actually think people want to soloQ into premade teams than u are even less intelligent than i thought at 1st, please stop replying on my posts and find someone around your intelligence and game exp to discuss with, TIA.

good change, though some honor reductions to accompany it would be much welcome, especially for the rival > duelist upgrade, since that leap is pretty ridiculous.

also honor gear should probably be drastically reduced if blizzard actually wants people to spend time buying that instead of doing… literally anything else.

They won’t, cuz its will ruin boosting in PvP. Every player can start to play without any LFG punishments and time wasting and casual players will stop pay for boosting. Solo q achievements will be more relevant.

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