Considering Some Semi-weekly World Quests Becoming Daily

there is so much to do. Go play alts, do some races, grind some renown if you want to grind.
Pretend each one of the rares is a world quest…

You quit because you didn’t have ‘suggested content’


So you only do World Quests all day? What about Rares, Side Story, Dungeons (M+ in 2 Weeks), Professions. Maybe starting a twink?


For those of us that do world quests as our end game, it would be like if mythic+ players could only do 2 dungeons a week.
Or raiders one raid wing a week.

It really was a huge problem for those like me that they were twice a week.
It literally meant i could not play the game as ive enjoyed it for years, for 5 days a week.

Now i can :smiley:


Go do alts lol is not content already on my 2nd 70… that is a red flag. Grind how its linked to dailies after you do quests… You seem to be reaching for content to explain how to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I see a rare will kill it, Don’t do addons so meh if I never see one then that’s ok. Profs don’t raid so no need to max them. Twink? to be put in with other twinks with an even longer queue time? So your thing to do in Dragonflight is do old content… See how little content there is if you have to bring up twinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Except that world quests are not on the same level of end game content like M+ or Raids.
I can do all the Raids in one day and i dont really miss out of M+ either if i dont log in out day of the week. Sure i miss those few hours i could do M+ but i can get that back by maybe playing that few hours more on another day.

With world quests that is not possible.

Bad Change. Now I have to log in everyday, back to dailycraft I guess ffs.


I dont twink in old content. My twinks are in Dragonflight too. Farming rares or gathering materials or finshing the side stories. I have not had one hour where i could not do something.

I suppose if you play daily, however I don’t, because you know, work, responsibilities…
However this change doesn’t upset me in anyway, it actually makes me very thoughtful…

I don’t need to do daily quests, I have only just dinged 70 and am just over half way through, and I ignored daily quest content before, in order to pursue the things I wished to do in game. I am not a fan of being put on a treadmill.

However this shows that Blizzard listens to players, so maybe other things in game will eventually be changed as well. Gives me hope!!

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You already did. If you regard world quests as the only option for daily world content, you are deliberately or unintentionally narrowing the field of view for no reason.


Sooo… back to log in daily or fall behind?

Dammit Blizz, you were doing so well with DF! :pouting_cat:


There’s no borrowed power to keep up with, why do you ‘need’ to do them daily?


I don’t like this change.


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Because people want to gain access to latent profession recipes, further customisation options, cosmetics, questlines, etc. World quests dictate the pace that the majority of the playerbase is able to access this stuff; grinding rep tokens was already present for those with the time and dedication to achieve high renown already.

Now the pace of that progression is getting ramped up, of course people are going to feel obligated to keep up with the treadmill.

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I mean if you want to do world quest daily why not do some every day. There is no one forcing you do to them all in one day.

I would even except that they give us more world quests on the bi weekly resets. So those that want to do them all at ones can do it. And they daily casuals can do a few every day.


So you are saying there will be so much to do and we only need to change that for ONE week? That is so dumb we could just chill that one week.

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This is an awful change. The pacing with WQ every 3 days was great. Where is this majority of players who wants that? Why not ask the player INGAME with a survey or whatever. I hate blizzard for their arbitrary changes like this or the key nerf.


You’re still being reductive. Treasures and rares are not the sole other form of world content besides World Quests. Daily Quests and World Quests are not needed to keep people logging in; people do not need a treadmill to want to run.
The prior pace afforded people more time to choose what they wanted to do for World Content.