Considering Some Semi-weekly World Quests Becoming Daily

Update 3:20 CET, 6 December

With scheduled weekly maintenance tomorrow, we’re making a change that we’ve seen a lot of feedback from players about.

  • Many World Quests associated with the Valdrakken Accord, Iskaara Tuskarr, and Dragonscale Expedition factions will now reset daily (was semi-weekly).

The Maruuk Centaur, who have regular hunts and a nomadic camp full of periodic quests, will continue to offer their World Quests on a semi-weekly cadence.


Thank you so much!
This really saves the expansion for me.
I was feeling really down about the lack of them but now im so happy :smiley:


Thank you!!



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Noooo :frowning: It was so nice not having to doo world quest every day. Had so much free time to twink and do other stuff. Now it goes back to coming home from work and having to do world quest again :frowning:


Nooo please, who asked for this?
In our community everyone was enjoying not having to do dailys every day to stay on top.
And don’t hit me with the “bUt YoU doN’t hAvE to dO iT”.
This is objectively a change for the worse. They could instead just up the rep rewarded for the WQs and keep them bi-weekly.


Bad change. I was really pleased with world quests being at a slower pace than prior expansions; there was far less need to get them all out of the way within a day, and it meant more time for other activities like gathering, crafting and levelling alts. This just makes them into a chore again :C


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Their feedback lol how many unsubed saying the reason, I know I did :stuck_out_tongue:

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To keep up with the rep and rewards.

Question for you: Do they need to be daily?


You unsubbed because there weren’t world quests to do?


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Unlocking stuff to buy gears from the vendors?

And getting access to another campaign chapter?

I bought a i year sub before the expansion released. So i could not unsub.

But i did raise an in game suggestion saying i wish i had not bought the sub as i wish i could unsub.

Yes, to those of us that love world quests, not having them was a huge deal worth quitting over.

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unsubbed as nothing to do… why log in? in a Paid game an MMO no less needs reasons to log in each day… Seems many agreed with that.

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Blizzard listening to red*it again -.-


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You can grind rep through treasure.
If you needed the rep asap the grind existed in the game in a far more tedious form.

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I’m not sure if they go the route of you can do them daily now and get the same rewards. And if thats the case why couldnt they instead up the reward on bi-weekly.

Speeds it up for everyone and you still dont miss out on stuff because you arent at home one day.

For example im gone in Saturday and maybe Sunday. With this weeks system i could easy do them on friday and monday and dont miss any reward. No i will miss 2 Days worth of rep.

And its not like World Quest are the only thing to do there are professions, twinks, rares, dungeons, side storys etc. Multiply that by the amount of twinks with 2-3 Days of World Quests and you can do so much.

And lets not forget in 2 Weeks we get M+.


I would be happy doing these parts

It’s going to be fun