Continuous issue of being stuck on loading screens [2022]

Hello dear wonderful game masters of world of warcraft, I’m once again begging you to help us on a problem that has been affecting Iranian players game play experience since start of Shadowlands up to this very day (and for while in BFA season 4).

Since the start of Shadowlands we are forced to play with VPNs or other programs that changes our IPs so we can connect to WoW servers, the current situation in Iran is very dire internet wise and government is trying to abuse its power to disable all VPN to prohibit people from using social media during this dire time of protests. This has also significantly affected Iranian gamers who play WoW because they had to use VPN in first place to play WoW.

A few days ago US Treasury issued a new license (GL D-2) to increase the support for internet freedom in Iran. ( ). which may allow blizzard to help Iranian players to access their beloved game without restrictions.

Before many forum experts jump to the conclusion of this problem exists due to US sanctions, I must clarify that we, Iranian players were actually banned (couldn’t access even with VPNs) from accessing blizzard games during 2012, but this is nothing like 2012. Also It is noteworthy to mention that this “loading screen” problem is ONLY affecting Retail (“Shadowlands”) players, there are many Iranian gamers playing classic WoW without any “loading screen” problem and this problem only appeared since start of Shadowlands.

I have ran WinMTR tests for 5 minutes to all 3 server addresses and below are the results:

I will leave two links to old and similar “Transfer Aborted: Instance not Found” issue from BFA and SL which may be helpful:
BFA : Continuous Issue of being stuck on Loading Screens - #169 by Jingoraitin
SL : Continuous issue of being stuck on loading screens [NEW TOPIC] - #145 by Nazragoth-emerald-dream

Please help us during this dire time of crisis happening in Iran, for most of us gamers in Iran video games are the only place we feel safe and happy.

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While we very much appreciate the effort that went into the post - this isn’t something that can be solved via the forum, and the actual legal/technical factors are a lot more complicated than portrayed.