Please do not close... - Continuous issue of being stuck on loading screens [2022]

Original post which got closed within 1 hour…?

Blizzard Technical Support reply:
" While we very much appreciate the effort that went into the post - this isn’t something that can be solved via the forum, and the actual legal/technical factors are a lot more complicated than portrayed."

Meanwhile 2 days ago I made a ticket and a GM carefully read my ticket and replied:

Before I jump into it, I want to thank you for the passion for our game and for your feedback. Every suggestion or piece of feedback we get, can definitely go to making the game much better and enjoyable place for everyone.

Unfortunately Customer Support is not in a place to make changes of this nature to the game. :confused: While we can go through and assist with any issues you might run into or provide you with information, any issues with gameplay, bugs you might find or suggestions on changes that should be made need to go to the Development Team.

For this, we highly encourage you to submit it for yourself through our In-Game Suggestion feature within the Help Menu or make a constructive post on our Forums using the link below. The Development Team frequently checks the forums and the suggestions coming in to gage the ideas and state of the game and might implement them if enough people agree to the idea.

That being said, I have gathered up all this information you provided and sent it up to our Dev Team in order to look through and hopefully implement the idea. While I cannot guarantee that they will use the idea, we very much believe in “Every Voice Matters” here and we want to make sure everyone has their voice heard.

We are always here to help so if there is anything you would like to add to this ticket or if there is anything else we can help with please let us know."

On Technical Support rep. message, I have to mention that this exact problem happened during last season of BFA and we (players and a caring blizzard tech. support rep named Jingoraitin) worked together to “solve” the problem. so I don’t understand why it can’t be solved again???

On the ticket message, on one hand Blizzard encourages me to make a constructive post, which I did, and on other hand they say we can’t solve it here?

Also Blizzard tech supp mentioning, " the actual legal/technical factors are a lot more complicated than portrayed" , would you mind clarifying which part is more complicated than portrayed? or could it be just you don’t care to help Iranian players for 2 years?

Customer support reps do not make decisions so posting on CS forums is pointless and this will be closed when somebody gets around to it. Either post using the in-game suggestions feature or more suitable forum like general discussion.

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I would suggest that the CR agent is hinting that your technical issues may be caused by you using a VPN to circumvent the restrictions in place by your government.

Blizzard are not in a position to fix a problem that is caused by governmental restrictions - they simply would not do this.

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I understand that they do not make decisions, but as stated and linked, we had this problem before and it got fixed through tech forums because there was a CS rep that cared enough to gather information provided by players and sent it to the right people who can make decisions or solutions. hence why the GM in ticket suggest I make a constructive post here.
The exact same problem we faced in BFA and worked together to fix it:

This is still not a topic for this particular forum, and recreating closed threads is a violation of the Code of Conduct for all our forums. Closing this - please do not create another such thread here.