Contracting Entity Change Notice

Just now, after logging in to I had to confirm this one, Source:

Anyone know what’s new about it?

Why is it now?

What are the consequences?

edit: corrected link.

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Guess no changes for end user, exept more Activision game available in Battle-net browser.

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i got randomly logged out like a hour ago and had to accept this, no idea wtf its about.


Had to translate it due to not knowing German, at a guess I think its just a change of where the EU services are based.

Switching the contracting entity most likely has something to do with the tax regime as they are moving it to a non-EU jurisdiction.

For the player this change most likely will make absolutely no difference.

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It sounds to me, as if Blizzard EU is ceasing to be, and Activision is taking over everything.


This is really odd, it’s the reverse of what normally happens. Since the UK left the EU, British consumers have had their ToS governed by USA law with changes not the other way around.

I wonder why this is.

ha the UK reached the bottom of the barrel on consumer rights and I missed it.

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Could also just simply be a tactical move to avoid any EU changes in legislation now that the UK is out of the EU.

The UK still follows EU laws and regs (for now). Realistically we’ll need to align with them to be able to trade effectively so not much will change like that.

Yeah as a part of Brexit we still kept many of the laws and regs, however in the long run as both the UK and EU go their own way companies from the US might find the UK a safer place to do business or place their business hubs because the EU is known for chasing the big US companies for various reasons whereas the UK would probably be a bit more lenient towards them.

No offence to Passivision.

It’s the Joker

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No, The Joker…

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Holly molly I thought something someone hacked my account , i can stop sweating or can I what does that mean for us …??? Blizzard US separate from blizzard eu there got to be some consequences and a meaning but I can’t seem to get what at the moment…

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Ah my bad you meant a different kind of joker.

To enter into a contract with anyone you have to have an offer and acceptance. By accepting the terms of the game you are under contract with the company making the offer. That contract ends at the end of the year as the party responsible for the offer of service is the revised named company. By simply playing the game you accept the agreement as you have to accept the terms. So just a change of company name to Activision Blizzard UK as the new contracted entity or controlling company. The company is a private limited company and was incorporated on 25th March 1983. Previous names were … Legibus 322 Ltd, Activision Software Ltd and Activision UK Ltd. You don’t have to accept the offer, just terminate your game by going to the link they provided. Otherwise they have you over the preverbial barrel, as it were. Just a business name change for what ever reason.

ZORK I for the Commodore 64 [ text adventure ] was published by ActiVision. Probably the first real text adventure to make it big time… 'Go North… Hit Troll… Hit Troll… Hit Troll… What with ? '. Bit like Warcraft.


Probably a change they’ve made to dodge some taxes, not a big deal.

I have no idea what it means aside from it’s in the UK for me now. I didn’t know we even had a UK thing. I shrug and party on.

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It’s a legality, the company are changing the name of the holders of the current contract, therefore by law the users have to be informed of the change, and given the opportunity to reject it if they wish.

Nothing else has changed.

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