Convince me about warrior

I really like warrior as a class, for many years I’ve always thought it wasn’t interesting, but when I tried it I instantly fell in love with arms and fury play style, there’s something that clicks with me.

However, I always have this feeling like Paladins on the other hand, can do everything I do and much, much more. So it feels like I’m missing something, paladins have way more utility and survivability, with the only trade-off in mobility which honestly isn’t really needed if you’re baseline invincible.

And let me be clear, I don’t like ret play style, nor paladin fantasy in general. The only thing I like more it’s protection, though I’m a dps players and I like arms and fury play style more. But I can’t get this feeling off of me that I should just roll paladin because it’s simply better, as a whole class I mean. Even if I don’t like it as much as I like warrior.

It’s that usual “the grass is greener on the other side”, but explain me how they can be somewhat equal, or where warriors are better than paladins. I want to see it, but I don’t think I understand where, aside for mobility.

What is the trade-off? Paladins have everything, but in turn what do we have?

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In a perfect world, warrior will bring more damage than a paladin to offset the utility imbalance. At the moment, it ain’t so.

In PvP warrior got Mortal Strike. In PvE warrior got access to an AoE stun. Those are the two main big aspects. You could argue warrior got a better damage profile in Fury for m+, that is basically it.

Now, all that unimportant stuff aside. The only thing that matters is how you feel and your wants. If you dislike Paladin, don’t play it. You like warrior, play it. Then if it is the opposite, play paladin.

Both sides of the classes/specs can get the job done.

In the end, it all boils down to what you find to be the most fun. That is all that matters.


Warrior is more fun to play than paladin.

Paladin is very fun.

Warrior suffers from the following

  • horrible class fantasy, where we draw our power from odyn, the titans, and bastion basically.

  • Hero specs are dwarf-themed with mountain thane and colossus, or they have “slayer” in their name like some edgy rogue. Sad times to be a horde warrrior.

  • No heroism, even though grommash has it in warcraft rumble

  • Bad 10.2 transmog sets

  • Shallow gameplay with a bad ressource system and awfully bad rage econ

  • Fury is way too simple and boring

  • Arms is bloated with very low depth, and it’s relying too much on precise ability sequence rather than real skill expression. Rage is also not working well as a ressource for arms.

  • protection is designed well, but it relies too much on spell reflect to be viable.

  • No actual utility, and spell reflect is unreliable due to team mates interrupting

  • You get rarely invited due to community stigma and lack of utility

  • Balanced around having enhancement shaman in party

  • No passive rage regen, so we need to have 100% uptime, or we get owned

  • low self healing for arms and no reliable off gcd defensive/immunity

  • Bladestorming twice in a row does not feel fun…

  • very low variety in PvE Builds.

  • Having to press slam makes us lose mobility like intervene due to taking crushing force… Yikes…

  • I can go on for days

Do all of these things stop me from playing warrior? No, because I’m that guy…


Paladin is not very fun.

The rework was barely passable, they removed some core gameplay interactions that were nice, like woa reset.

Also it has significant problems with aoe and st build disparity.

Ret is below average in quality for gameplay.

Fury is too easy to be fun but ret isn’t? Half of your points literally make no sense honestly. Also you’re cherry picking arguments.

You don’t like warrior class identity because odyn, titans and bastions? But ret paladin also has this “problem”. Light and bastion, or did you forget about divine toll?

Warriors should use their own strength through training and genetics, not some weird higher power with odyn and valor from Bastion. Paladins though are all about the light, and bastion fits them well imo.

Gameplay-wise I agree though that paladin is also a bit too easy for dps, but it feels very good at least, and the complexity comes from their huge arsenal of utility, while fury doesn’t have that kind of depth to it. Paladin has a very easy skill floor to overcome and a huge skill cap. If you’re a paladin, who sees your team mate in bad position in a raid, and you throw a defensive on him, you feel like Tirion Fordring

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Ret does not have high skill cap.

If anything fury has a higher skill cap because of interactions like anger management, avatar and recklessness.

You just don’t know what you are talking about, no offense.

It’s not a hard spec to play, but it’s a bit harder than ret.

You’re completely wrong. Not even close to correct. Fury has one of the lowest skill caps in the entire game, because they have very low amount of tools to have actual impactful skill expression. The biggest skill expression of a warrior is to choose the correct stance. Using AM properly is not skill expression. That’s basic knowledge, not something special.

UUh, no. No i’m not.

Let me ask you a question, is dh or ret harder to play?

Havoc DH is one of the hardest specs to do optimal damage, but that’s not why I said ret has a high skill ceiling to get 100% out of the spec in terms of offhealing, utility, etc.

For example a good ret will freedom his allies and watch what actually happens and save people from death. Paladin utility has insane skill expression

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Indeed. You pass the test.

Maybe you do have some knowledge.

I see what you mean now.

I was talking purely in terms of rotation, but if you add things like proper utility usage i can see ret being more difficult to play.

If you are a solo player just play ret. It is generally the better main 9/10 times.

If you PvP, (doesnt look like you do) then diff story. Charge, intervene, spell reflect, bladestorm and mortal strike are why i find arms more fun as a PvP player. Ret is strong but its missing that fun movement ability or fun cooldown like bladestorm and charge.

Ret is visually cool, mechanically boring. Arms is visually boring, but has an almost monopoly on several really fun mechanics in bladestorm, leap, reflect and charge.

I will add this, visually speaking I like warrior better, it’s just you and your weapons. It also feels more like you’re hitting things with your weapons, whereas with ret you mostly throw things around but I don’t feel like I’m hitting things with my sword. Also it’s a bit too flashy for my tastes.

But there’s that, after your replies it’s a bit more clear what I like about palas: the skill depth of your utilities management. I’m not finding a corresponding profile in Warrior, but maybe I don’t know the class enough. Btw I don’t pvp if not occasionally to get a few transmogs.

Yeah warrior notoriously has very poor utility in PvE. This is why i massively prefer them in PvP. In PvP i have disarm, war banner, improved shouts, sharpen blade, intervene that doubles as a barkskin for allies and a few different ways of ccing people. In PvE you have a pretty awful aoe stun, rallying cry and battle shout.

Compared to most other classes, warriors are terrible utility wise in PvE, and its a major complaint i see on these forums by PvE warriors.

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From what I’m reading I’m getting confirmation about my “fear”, that I should just go Pala in PvE. It’s simply overall better.

Yet I want to play warrior, but if possible with a “no you’re not missing anything” mindset. Or should I just accept to be overall worse and go on anyway?

Play what you enjoy the most, no matter the cost.

You are not a 0.1% player, so you playing Paladin or Warrior wont matter. As you won’t have it minmaxed to that level where it makes a difference anyhow.


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You must be out of your mind to think that a class that has an execute ability, strong undispellable MS effect, undispeable disarm, undispellable MASS fear, undispellable stun and a mass stun, undispellable slow, is literaly glued to their target with 2 charges, 1 defensive charge- intervene, can remove their movement speed impairing effects on 3 occasions, got CC immunity on 2 occasions with bladestorm, can reflect a spell, and immune physical damage with die by the sword.
Not to mention the insane damage and other defensives that they have.
Probably the only thing warrior does not have is offhealing but its selfhealing is phenomenal compared to even the most hybrid classes.
And pair all of the above with the simple most basic fact that you can choose any race except the scaly lizzard thing and pick any racial and still be able to be a warrior.

So please shut up.
All of you.
Warrior is alright you’re just bad at mid entry level class.

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We have 100% block chance in m+ too, warrior is too op while paladin tanks must stand in Consecration or be one-shot.

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you wrote this manifesto instead of just clicking OP’s profile , seeing that he has honour level 8, has never done an arena game once, ever, in the 5+ years he has played the game, and has a grand total of 1,000 honourable kills on his account.

pvp =! pve.


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kek. busted.