Corpse camping now more rewarding

#nochanges only for alliance?

Blizzard saves again its beloved crybabies.


Please, please, please do not go live with this change. World griefing, corpsecamping and ganking is already at an unbearable level.


Let me explain it to you.

Ranking is a race with your own faction.
If they buff ganking then people need to go out and kill other players to remain competive. If they nerf it, people have to play more BGs instead.
Bots can do BGs but cant kill players in world pvp.
So if they buff ganking they actually nerf bots, if they nerf ganking they actually buff bots.
Is it clear now?

Let it go, Blizzards aim is 99% horde populated servers, they moving to this goal, don’t stay on their way

Hopefully the reduced DRs will encourage more people to World PvP :slight_smile: WPVP is the best. If you don’t like WPVP you can always play on a PVE server

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That’s what account sharing is for.

But you are a rogue. Why do you complain when you can cloak ?

not true if they buf ganking INSIDE BGs.
Bots dont kill anyone in batlegrounds

And keep wpvp the way it is

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Killing a bot in wpvp rewards for 9 kills.

Your level in mathematics only confirms what I had already guessed from your other posts…

I talked to him at night in previous topics. He’s leveling alt without stealth ability. Try to level an alt on giga server without stealth. He believed blizzard who promised to keep realm capacities from Vanilla and they failed to deliver it, so guy ended up being on giga server thinking it will be 3k online while now it’s at least 5k constant online

??? What lol?

I dunno dude instead of doing shyt that affects players they can just put some of that massive net worth and wealth they have in off-shore tax havens and put it to some good use hiring enough GMs to make sure botters are banned on sight?

OH WAIT no instead we gotta somehow put the blame on the players for the multibillion dollar multinational company capable of lobbying in new tax loopholes in several sovereign nations gross mishandling of their own product/service.

blizzdroning 101 folks, this is it.

I agree, however it would be kinda funny that after hotfixing cave farming they’d buff graveyard ganking only in BGs.

Unfortunately blizz wording is as always…unclear. It can be read as you are and it would mean that the DR will be 25+10=35% but unfortunately I believe that they meant a revert to 10% from 25% which means that they now incentivise griefing and are hoping for increased revenues on the short term from paid transfers or interest in retail. It can backfire and more people quit…we will see.

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I don’t think that part is correct. The change does make it more valuable to kill players, but the best way to kill players is by far to do it inside a BG.

You were much more likely to hit the same-player-kills cap in a BG than when ganking outside. And if you really camp someone, how long does it take to kill them 4-10 times? How many BG kills would you have in the same amount of time?

As far as honor is concerned, the changes make repeated ganking slightly better and longer battlegrounds a lot better.

For alliance it doesn’t make a difference but for horde it does.
Horde rankers can world pvp more efficient while sitting in the queue, so compete better against bots.

No i cant, servers change, system change but i can transfer only 1 chat for money, why not whole realm character list for same price.

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I agree with you gnome. :slight_smile:

I am dwarf kid paladin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: