Corpse camping now more rewarding

25% decrease in honor now lowered to 10% decrease in honor per kill. Effectively rewarding corpse camping even more. Have you devs EVER tried running to an instance as Alliance? Nuts.


If i kill 1 = 100 honor. If i kill 2 = 10 honor if i kill 3 = -10 honor if i kill 4 = -100 honor?! WTF BLIZZ

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I’m surprised this wasn’t in from the start. The 10% honour reduction was originally introduced in 1.11 I think

math, not even once.

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They’re very incompetent people. It would have taken extra time to separate honors gains BGs from Open world. It would have taken extra work hours for programmers and testers. If you can save $$$ why not? Huh?
Wrap those money around vibrating thingy and f yourself Blizzard owners. I’m never getting camped but I feel sorry for people who does.

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nerfing honor from wpvp not an option, it makes bots to op

how it makes bots too op?

you sure you are rogue :smiley:

bots make 100% of their honor from av. if you nerf wpvp you nerf legit players without nerfing bots

They didn’t nerf. They buffed. Now you have to kill person 9 times instead of 4. They buffed honor gains… Now if you will want the honor farmer to leave you alone you will have to die 9 times, not 4

you have serious reading isues.

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Prove me I’m wrong. With source from blue post + explanation :slight_smile:

bruh… just stop read my initial comment and sh*t it

Blizz have concluded there are still too many Alliance in the world.


You need to learn some math :smiley: It used to decrease by 25%. Now it will decrese by only 10%

you need to learn to read

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Either you’re very stupid or ill in your head. I will choose to stop replying to you. Good luck with your stupidity.

Guessing foreveryoung is either a troll, or very young and not fully learned how %'s work lol

How it was:
1st kill 100% honor
2nd kill 75% honor
3rd 50%
Will be:
1st 100%
2nd 90%
3rd 80%
You’re the troll, hiding under your retail char because reputation in classic is too fragile huh?

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I chose option #3: there is a genuine misunderstanding. The things Foreveryoung said are true, but they don’t contradict Mando. Mando is implying that they made the 25% to 10% DR honor buff because it would help actual players get more honor than bots, and that if they nerfed it again, it would benefit bots.

I don’t agree that doing this is a correct approach to combat bots though. Furthermore, the impact on real players who are trying to play the game out in the open world (on a server with way more players than it ever had in vanilla) should take priority here. You stop bots by banning bots, not by throwing people in the open world to the wolves.