Corrupting a Cleansed Item with a Preserved Contaminant

We’ve made some progress on this subject today.

As of this morning, if you get a new Corrupted item and cleanse it, you can re-corrupt it using a Preserved Contaminant from the new system.

Unfortunately, items cleansed prior to maintenance this week remain unwilling to be re-Corrupted.

We’re also working on a hotfix that will add clarity to this, by highlighting Corruptable items in your bags when you activate a Preserved Contaminant. This should be very similar to how scrappable items light up when you use the scrapper.

We’ll let you know when that comes through in our Hotfixes Update post.


Come on now…
That is… Not good!

Will these items be “fixed” and able to be corrupted in a future fix or i got it wrong?


at least we’ll be able to know if an itam has been cleansed before, and is not eligible for re-corruption.

Is that statement final? I mean will the development team fix it?

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My 2 best pieces I cleansed. I am really unhappy that this cannot be fixed even with item restoration.


Could’ve called it a corruption neutralizer instead of cleanse, preserving the corruption tooltip on the item while stating that it’s disabled. Would’ve been less confusing cause you can see which item used to be corrupted originally.

Definitely isn’t good enough to leave all the gear we cleansed prior to the patch unusable.

Thank you.

Some of you here, need to calm down. You knew full well when you cleansed your item it was permanent, they may fix it, they may not but no matter the case, you are certainly not owed it by any stretch of the imagination. I wish you all luck either way.


Of course they won’t allow people to re corrupt items from before the change, they will force everyone to re farm all the next BIS corruption after nerfs and changes and then nerf that corruption as well in a few weeks.

GG BLIZZ. :smiley:

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Hope you fix it quick so I can re-corruption. :smiley:

Quoted for truthiness…my bags are rammed with uncleansed gear that needs tweaking, saved just in case… thanks Blizz.


And there is always a caveat. Can’t ever be simple.

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Im sorry to always be the whiny-tiny…but for real boys? Thats the most important part…i hope it get fixed soon. I have crit/haste items sitting in my bags waiting for the vendor, but they remain useless since weekly chest of happines decided to give me mastery proc corruption or echoing void…

Hi, A question here: is it not possible to corrupt the gear obtained through conquest point weekly capping?

This gear comes always uncorrupted so it was not cleansed before but it doesn’t seem to allow to be corrupted.


Okay, now how about acknowledging the many complaints about how it’s not fair that certain players have been screwed over because you’ve denied them from getting Echos while other players have been able to farm them for weeks?

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does anyone else find it funny that it would likely have taken alot less time to just nerf leather classes by 50% and then nerf corruptions by 90%, then making balance adjustments to add the required performance for ny’alotha.

Great, almost all of my high ilvl pieces are from Hv’s and thus I cant corrupt almost all of my items

I cant even finish one mask as a arcane mage with 456 ilvl, arcane mage sucks wish if i had rerolled DH and blitz through the dungeon.

Try Fire Mage. I switched from Frost to try it out, and I can easily handle 3 masks now. Will probably try more masks today.

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Rip I cleansed my pants yesterday

Is this going to be fixed eventually too so you will be able to recorrupt items that were previously cleansed?