CrossRP addon

I copied these here from the pre-event interest-check thread, since I don’t want to clutter that with tech-chat :nerd_face:

Does this mean,
if for example,

I as a worgen (Alliance)
wanted Cross-RP to show me the RP profile of
Ohru, a tauren (Horde),

we would both have to enter a raid?

The same raid? (For example, Icecrown Citadel)

Or does it just mean we must both be in a raid group? (And not inside a raid instance)


Hi there Gawrdon,

Essentially, yes, both groups must both be in a raid group - not a raid instance (like Icecrown Citadel). As far as I’ve understood it (mind, I haven’t used it since the hay day of RP-PvP mid BfA), this will allow for TRP profile sharing.

Would be happy to test this out with you at some point. I’m usually on Ohru-Moonglade.


Here is some of the documentation for CrossRP (without the - between the // and www):

I’m going to do some research this afternoon to reaquaint myself with the addon itself.


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