Cryptstalker Armor bugged


Few remarks on the Crypstalker set

  1. The eyes on the helm are bugged. They can be seen only form particular angle.
  2. The 8 bonus set is bugged. It doesn’t decrease the Aimed and Multi with 20. Rank 1 AS in Rank 6 are decreased with same amount (less than 20). If the formula is Base Mana - 20 - 10% from talents, then Rank 1 and 6 should be decreased with different amount.

Off-topic: What’s that drop rate of Wartorn Chain Scrap?? 10 per run for whole guild? 2 months to gear a 1 hunter! AH prices of 70g per one? Madness…
God help to horde hunters, where they need to compete with the shamans :slight_smile:



Hunter prio. Shamans can roll with previous sets easly and compete just fine.
Full T3 is more of tank healing set than anything, tho 3p T2 + T3 is sexy.

Out of curiousity, what is the cost reduction then?

I believe the horde have a higher drop rate for chain scraps, and lower for plate scraps.

I’m the master looter in our guild, we get between 30-45 chains each run. Doesn’t help when we get t3 tokens worth 65-70 chains though.

On our server, chain scraps value from 15-70g. I’ve bought a lot myself because I cba to wait, same goes for other chain needers in our guild.

Still need gloves for my 8/8. Will be interesting to see this bug. Hopefully blizzard will take action, as they did with lock t3 early on.

This is annoying… should be delt with. Eventho its a visual bug, bug nonetheless.

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