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Good morning folks, and have a good week!

(Ananda) #184

Morning all.
New PC arriving today … dreading all the disruption getting all the settings & stuff so it works like my current one, specially as I stupidly disposed of all my spare monitors last month. Why would I do that?


Good morning !!!

(Ananda) #186

Mornin’ Kie.


Good morning everyone.

How’s the new computer Ananda?


She can’t tell because she had thrown away all her spare monitors giggles

(Shammoz) #189

Giggle indeed :slight_smile:

Runs off laughing


These are not the droids you are looking for

(Shammoz) #191

Such abuse of power will not go un-noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ananda) #192

Ignoring the children’s posts, I’m not sure yet. Still trying to check everything’s on external HDs before I start using it :slight_smile:


Happy Wednesday everybody !!


G’morning all, have a great Wednesday. :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning everyone, happy Monday Nenyasqi.

(Ananda) #196

New PC is up and mostly running. Haven’t downloaded everything yet, but the essentials are there … including Wow which was, of course, the first thing I transferred off my ext hd.
A bit sad that the game suggests 7 as the recommended graphics quality but it’s a hundred times better than 2 which was what my old PC was reduced to and I couldn’t really afford anything more. I can now see mobs in the distance before they attack me and I killed the world boss with no lag whatsoever rather than managing about 3 spells during the whole fight. So, yes, pretty much a happy bunny :rabbit:


Great stuff Ananda. Getting a new computer always feels like Christmas :slight_smile:

Morning everyone!

(Ananda) #198

Morning :slight_smile:


Good morning partypeople !!


G’morning all, have a great day! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning !! How is everybody today?

(Ananda) #202

About to go to the dentist, so could be better :wink:
Also the car windscreen is all frozen up …
Hope your day is better than that :slight_smile: