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G’morning all, happy weekend! Enjoy your :cat:urday! :slight_smile::coffee:


G’morning once again everybody, enjoy your :sun_with_face:day! :coffee:

(Ananda) #267

I hate to say it, but it does look as though you’re talking to yourself :wink:


I’m a very sociable guy, I get on well with myself! :smiley:

(Trelw) #269

:smiley: That is an useful quality to have. I am getting forcibly unsocialized tomorrow for about 11 hours, because the building I and my father live in is getting new windows and balcony doors and the workers are coming to our home early tomorrow morning, possibly as early as 07:00… That means zero access to computers, probably no hot food and lot of damned loud noise… Luckily, while making room for the workers, I found a pair of old ear plugs.

(Ananda) #270

Good luck! It’s a complete pain when workmen take over your home … and 07.00 seems very early :frowning:


Good morning !!!


Morning gyus, whio wants some snow? delivers 200 tonnes of white cold thingy outside the lounge

(Trelw) #274

@Ananda: Luckily they were very efficient and only needed about 7 hours yesterday, much less than I expected, because they had actually reserved up to 11 hours for the job. Things are still a bit chaotic, but at least we have new windows and a new balcony door. :slight_smile: And… I can play my favourite games again, including WoW, War Thunder and MechWarrior Online.

@Raz: No thank you… we have (semi-)frozen snow and water all over the place and most streets are more ice than snow.


G’morning all, have a great Wednesday! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning everybody !!!


Good morning !!


G’morning all, it’s Thursday! Hope you have a fantastic day. Hagut has a stash of coffee on his desk, so feel free to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee :coffee: (just uhm, be quick and maybe do so when he’s not looking :see_no_evil:).

(Shammoz) #279

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Good morning everybody !!

@Shammoz, why are they even having two * in there, is it that likely to happen? :rofl:


G’morning all, hope you all have a fantastic Friday filled with :coffee: warm beverages and :cookie: delicous snacks!


Those snacks you talk about there…


Snacks? What snacks?

Morning everyone!

(Shammoz) #284

We have some chocolate and hazlenut brownies in the office this morning, you just need to get to North West London before they all go…


Can’t, don’t have a Visa :slight_smile: