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G’morning all, have a great Wednesday! :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Ananda) #246

Good morning people. Suffering from a lost voice - if anyone finds it, could they send it back to me as it’s beginning to get inconvenient. At least it was ok in Costa yesterday as they know me and I didn’t have to mime my order.

(Shammoz) #247

I’d love to see how you mime “Spiced Chai Latté” tbh…


If I remember correctly, it is something like this:

G’morning all. :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning !!


Morning everyone!

(Ananda) #251

Yeah, thanks Neny. If I did that in my local Costa, I think I’d be thrown out.

I know I’ve been linking this everywhere, but I was so overwhelmed by it (and so happy to see WoW being shown in a good way in the media) so, in case anyone missed it - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/disability-47064773

(Shammoz) #252

It was just linked directly to me and I have been linking it everywhere too lol. I’ve also linked it to the community team.

(Avitlarge) #253

Why is it SOOOOOO hard to open a ticket these days? The system we currently have is AAAHHHGGGGGHHHRRRRWWWWW …
The words GONE and DOWN and THE and PAN spring to mind.


Hello Avitlarge,

It is not so hard to open a ticket, it depends a bit on the issue you are having. Customer Support can not assist with all issues, which means that there is sometimes no option for a ticket.

This thread here is not to post issues, but to come together and chat. Please feel free to open a thread in the appropriate forum and we will look into it.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


(Avitlarge) #255

Okay so can we chat about the rubbish ticket system you have in-game?

And what forum is more appropriate?


No, not in this thread. You can submit suggestions and feedback here. And for your issue, depending on the nature of your issue, I’d suggest the Customer Support forum.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?



And good morning to everybody !!


G’morning all, have a great Friday! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning folks!

(Ananda) #260

Morning all. Bleak grey skies and that horrible drizzly rain that sort of hangs in the air. I think my voice is a little better today … I still sound really weird but not quite so weird :wink:

(Avitlarge) #261

This IS the customer support forum so why are you suggesting i try the customer support forum?


I have suggested to open a new thread with your issue in the Customer Support forum because, as I have explained already, this thread here is not for issues, but small talk.

(Avitlarge) #263

You gave me a link for suggestions & feedback which i have ignored as i am NOT trying to make a suggestion or give feedback. I am simply after guidance regarding in in-game issue that i have that i cannot submit an in-game ticket for due to it not being suited to any of the multiple choice suggestions offered.

So i come here, to the customer support forum and decide to ask in the thread for ‘chat’ as it’s not a major issue i have and thought i could get a quick & easy answer in here but all i get is to go to the customer support forum where i ALREADY am.

You should drink more coffee before you come to work. Thanks for giving a customer absolutely ZERO support.

  1. I gave you the link for the feedback and suggestion because you complaint that it could be improved
  1. You say you are not getting any help about your ingame issue but you haven’t yet even asked a question nor explained your issue and
  2. My suggestion to open a new thread in the customer support forum still stands because, again, this thread is not meant for discussions about ingame issues.