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G’morning all, have a fantastic Wednesday! :slight_smile::coffee:

(Trelw) #369

@Nenyasqi: Thank you, you too! Busy trying to detect the first Kul Tirans and Zandalari on the servers I play on… So far none detected yet.

(Ananda) #370

Would appreciate others’ opinions on this … I’m beginning to believe chivalry is dead which is sad.
I play WM on and was in Voldun this morning having finished the assault quests when I saw a horde shadow priest single handedly attacking what I presume is their final assault boss (the big blue thing). I watched and, when it died, I cheered them as I thought they’d done a great job then turned away to HS back to Boralus. The fellow shadow priest then started attacking me - I ran away because it felt wrong to fight someone I’d just cheered and didn’t attack them at all. Then they killed me.
I would never have done that to someone who appreciated the way I played … am I wrong and is chivalry dead?
PS put this here rather than on General as it would be a bit too greenly prominent there … also the best people are in the CS forum :wink:

(Trelw) #371

@Ananda: Both factions have people, who play with a “red is dead”-attitude. I am a bit sad that you got killed for being nice… :frowning:

@All: First about 30 Zandalari detected across couple of horde factions, no Kul Tirans as of yet during alliance side scans, though there certainly have to be some about by now.

(Trelw) #372

@Myself: Hahaha, silly me, the addon was not up-to-date… Kul Tirans are listed as Kul Tiran, not Kul Tiran human, so the search for humans could not find them. :D:D:D


I am friendly to a lot of Horde players. For one, I’ll never win a PvP fight but mainly because I think it’s fun. I /wave to say “hi, I’m friendly” and just have a bit of fun with them.

That said, the other player might just have some RP background for trying to fight you, or misunderstood you cheering at his or her death ^_^.

(Ananda) #374

Sorry, badly worded. It was the mob that died, not the SP :slight_smile:


G’morning all, happy Thursday! Have a great day again, and enjoy some of Hagut’s finest coffee! His :coffee: stash has been resupplied, so now is your chance! :smiley:

Ah gotcha, it was a nice gesture in that case! :slight_smile:


Good morning !!!


Good morning all!


G’morning all, Friday has arrived! One more day before the weekend arrives, hope you have a good one! :slight_smile: :coffee:

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Extra early weekend delivery!


G’morning once again, happy weekend! :slight_smile: :coffee:

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Morning Neny :slight_smile: Our gales have returned; watching my hedge almost bending double


Same here! Very windy. Mainly noticed it when trying to open the car door after parking up on top of the multi storey here. Thought it was stuck at first xD.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day all! :shamrock:

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Hey! :four_leaf_clover:

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Time for a :shamrock: party!


Good morning !!


Good morning everyone!