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Good morning !!! And safe travels Ananda.


G’morning all, enjoy your Friday! :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Pachimari) #571

Good evening all! Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

(Ananda) #572

Hello peoples. Should be home in about an hour. It’s been a veeeery long day


G’morning all, The weekend has arrived! May your Saturday be glorious and fun. :slight_smile::coffee:

@Ananda: Hope you had a good trip!

(Ananda) #574

I did, thank you. It was lovely. The downside is coming back to stacks of work, a load of stuff I need to do before Wednesday WoW reset and nervousness about a football match tonight. Oh, and that my ‘present to myself’ chocolate melted on the way home yesterday because it was horrendously hot …


Bet you it was still delicious though! :smiley:

G’morning all, happy Sunday :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Ananda) #576

OK, you got me. Yes it was still delicious :slight_smile:


Good morning !!!


Good morning everyone!

(Ananda) #579

Hello people.
Still gloating, sorry … :trophy:


Congratulations Ananda, from me as well. Well, you had Kloppo :slight_smile: It wasn’t a good game but who cares in the end :slight_smile:

(Ananda) #581

It was an awful game - but I love Klopp and he was so excited at the win :slight_smile:


People don’t remember bad games, they remember lifting the trophy :smiley:


G’morning all, have a fantastic Thursday! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning !!!


Good morning folks!


Good morning partypeople !


G’morning, have a most fabulous Friday everybody! :slight_smile::coffee:


Good morning everyone!