CS Lounge V ☕


G’morning all, have a great start of the weekend. :slight_smile: :coffee:


G’morning once again everybody, hope you continue to enjoy your weekend. :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning all!


Good morning !!!


G’morning all, have a most fantastic day! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning all!

(Ananda) #595

Good lunch time :slight_smile:


Good morning !!


Good morning everyone!


G’morning all, have another fantastic day! :slight_smile: :coffee:


G’morning everybody, happy Friday! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning !!


Morning folks!

(Pachimari) #602

Hello everybody


G’morning all, welcome to the weekend. Have a fantastic Saturday! :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Punyelf) #604


G’morning once more, let’s enjoy the rest of the weekend today! Have a great Sunday all. :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Ananda) #606

I would enjoy it more if I could manage to win in the Deepwind Dunk brawl. I’ve lost about 20 so far and I just need 1 win for the quest.

(Ananda) #607

And finally I won it … and then proceeded to lose 3 epic bgs on the trot, one of which was an Isle of Conquest where, as so often, we managed to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory. Getting the weekly conquest cap is so hard for alliance …
/end of whinge and back to lounging.


Good morning everyone, and have a great week!