CS Lounge V ☕


Good morning everyone!


G’morning all, Friday has arrived! Hope you all have a fantastic day. :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning everyone!

(Ananda) #653

Mornin’ all!


G’morning all, happy Sunday! The weekend is almost over, but don’t forget to enjoy today first :slight_smile: :coffee:. Have a great day!


Good morning everyone, have a great week!


G’morning all, have a fantastic Wednesday! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Good morning everyone!

(Raz) #658

Heyyyyyyy gyus ^^ puts down the breakfast buffets


Goooood morning !!


G’morning all, welcome to Thursday.

Thank you for the offering, itadakimasu!

(Raz) #661

This reputation grind is taking some time, some of the new puzzle quests in Naz, I’m just unable to do them… bummer :frowning:

3k revered with Rustbolt, 5k honored with Ankoan. How are you gyus doing with your repgrinds?


G’morning all, welcome to your weekend. Have a fantastic Saturday! :slight_smile::coffee:

Repgrind is going very well, closing in on exalted with the coffee machine!


Morning folks.

What’s taking you so long!?

(Raz) #664

Got that spidermount that you make from dailies <3 So far haven’t seen anyone else around with it.


Spidermount, Spidermount, does whatever a Spidermount does. Congrats! :smiley:

And G’morning all, have a fantastic Sunday! :coffee:

(Raz) #666

No More Argus mount farm, Maddened Chaosrunner finally decided to drop :heart:.

362 mounts now, 3 more and I can use different one every day😄

270 tries btw to get that one…

AND GUESS WHO GOT HER WINGS BACK!!! Pathfinder part 2 done!!


Good morning everyone. And grats Raz :slight_smile:

(Raz) #668

PSA, Mrrl sells the mount today, guess who has it :wink:

pets her trusty seahorsecreature

366 mounts now :smiley:


Grats again :slight_smile: