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Hey guys,

is there any way to get maybe a smal category to exhange fixes ? Or maybe make a list of usefull links we could post ? I mean ist no secret that People love to skip the search and just post away if they have an issue. So very often i end up opening 3 Posts and posting them all the same answer referring to a post where their issue has been fixed. Having a list would be a great help. I have one on my pc at home but at work ist a different Story since i cant really save the links on this Laptop : P A google drive doc could work too. Hmm maybe i´m just asking for too much : P and one last Thing. Will there ever be a button in posts to scroll down to a green post ? I thought since you can automatically scroll to the blue post this would also be a cool function.

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We had one for quite a while, a known issues and fixes thread, but as with people skipping the search tool, they also didn’t bother checking the stickies either :slight_smile:

There used to be an MVP flag on posts which would go straight to it unless a blue also posted in which case the MVP flag was replaced by the Blizz one. Not sure if we will be getting it back on these forums or not, but I can ask around.


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Sigh … and still frustrated by the character limit :slight_smile:

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Images dont have a 10 char limit and pictures speak a thousand words apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you clever clogs :stuck_out_tongue:
Though it’s nice to have a hello from one of my favourite superheroes.

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Use a smiley/emoji, it seems to count how ever many letters are involved to produce it.


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