[Cult of the Damned RP - A&H] Coldheart Adherent 🦴

They moved swiftly through the towns. Across the streets and into the alleys. While the Grunts and Guards looked the other way, knights and champions pitied the poor, they infested the wares, moved into the houses, and spread their words in the dark corners of the cities. No one would know, to everyone else these people did not exist. But their results would soon be very, very real. They would all feel Death’s Grace.

The Coldheart Adherent is recruiting all possible races - be it Alliance or Horde - to assist them in completing the motives of the Cult of the Damned. The Guild will be largely focused on the shown allegiance of the Cult in-game during the Shadowlands pre-patch, during which they were assisting the Jailer’s Mawsworn, as they saw it a means to reach their true goal of eternal life through undeath. Of course, whether or not one’s character is entirely loyal to the Mawsworn, or are just using them for personal gain, is entirely up to everyone’s own directive.

Despite the huge amount of insane and powerful necromancers, liches and whatever else that’s seen in the game all the time as Cult of the Damned and Mawsworn NPCs, the Guild opens its arms wide to the hard-working men and women of the Alliance and Horde. Farmers, cooks, priests… Anyone who’s ended up seeing the true path of Undeath is allowed to join, no matter how powerless. All that has to be followed are some easy and short Guild rules:

1. No ERP.
2. No OOC behaviour in “IC”-channels (e.g /say, /yell, etc).
3. Be nice to one another!

[The goal of this Guild is to sometime join the PCU].

Ready to follow us as the true master of life and death takes over this world? Then look below!

Horde side contacts:
Sydranis (Discord: mystic#1989)
Blightheart (Discord: voorheesje#1031)

Alliance side contacts:
Gauler (Discord: Trashapple#0062) (More active on Discord than in-game, currently busy!)
Bloodchains (Discord: mystic#1989)


There it is
There it truly is


If you join this Guild it means that your IC theme is All I do is win win win no matter what

That’s so cool


Pretty cool folks, certainly the to-go place for Cult Scourge RP!


Incredible bunch of people, I’m really glad that there is a new evil guild around and one that gives a chance for the Alliance to also join! The best of wishes to them.


My life for Ner’zhul.


My fate is sealed.


“Would you like to know the secret to eternal happiness? Page 246.”

Glad to see more necro’s join the fold


bows 3092830928 times

thank you :relieved:


Based GM, Based Guild


Sounds exciting.
I’ve always liked the idea of participating in some Cult of the Damned RP with my human necromancer.
I’ll perhaps hit you guys up one of these days :slight_smile:

(Current guild is just a placeholder guild with me as the only member)


Chances are you’ll find us in Caer Darrow after 8 PM, in case you ever begin to look…!

Pogging with the Scourge seems good.

Can’t wait for them to Eventually try to kill us all.

Must feed!

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Your mistake was assuming that they aren’t already trying to kill you.

Also, great people running this guild, and can’t wish them anything but the best of luck with the project.



Oh… New neighbours, how nice… The abadoned Forge is still mine thou.

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Not really new :wink:
Scholomance is still active in lore, after all…

I only recently moved in so… Yeah, new neighbours.

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Proud sponsors of The Dread Covenant :smiling_imp:


Early in the evening Blightheart is conversing with the Loyalists in Tirisfal; but during the later hours he’ll move over to Caer Darrow to be amongst his Scourge brothers. Do not be shy, whisper, DM or approach me if you wish to join!