Current servers in classic era

Right now theres 22 Burning Crusade Servers and 38 (!) Classic Era Servers.
Im still waiting for some kind of Bluepost saying anything about Classic Era Servers. But i guess i can forget about that lol.
Why not merge EU in 1 PvE 1 PvP and 1 RP server so Players can finally connect again?

Edit: These Realm Connections are just stupid, since there are 3 different Clusters for EU PvE Realms and 5 Clusters for PvP Servers.


How do you get 3? English, French, German, and Russian = 4
It would be great if they told that the realms were clustered in the log-in screen :wink:

Even forgot about the French and Russian lol.
German is Everlook + Lakeshire and then theres Razorfen who is not connected at all. So it is actually 5 Different Serverclusters and all of them got Players who partially arent even aware of the possibility to transfer…

Why should I transfer - in EU English where the servers are all merged it cost me 25 € per character?
And If I was not English, I would not - as per Celebras drama - move to Pyrewood Village, which is the only target-server.
A better solution would be to make tabs below . Like English PvP 1, English PvP 2 (merge those two already :wink: ), English PvE and so on. As it is now, it’s rather confusing even for old rats like me :wink:

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Hi :wave:

I agree you shouldn’t have to pay to transfers and just remove majority of the servers and have a very few say 2 PvP servers for English, Russians then have 2 RP servers and 2 Normal servers.

Kind regards Bws

You mean like this?

English already has 2 PvP, 1 PvE, 1 RP.PvP and 1 RP-PvE as the servers are merged.

And FCT from all (!) realms to Firemaw and Pyrewood Village (and those two are the only ones without FCT)

Apparently they are already preparing the next server murder… :pensive:

Interesting that for the era realms, the PVP part for Zandalar Tribe wins over the RP part. :thinking:

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Not really, as both HW and Cele have FCTs to Pyrewood (PVE).

They are not even trying to bring all roleplayers together on era.

But well, maybe they change their minds on the era realms, too.

throws her arms up in the air helplessly

A few of us are left on era too, especially on Celebras, and some of us saved themselves from the TBCC/Wrath server murder back to era

herrschaftszeitenhimmeldonnerwetternocheinmal :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

takes a breath

i think its a nail in the coffin for ERA pvp

The distance between what you think and what I think is vast.

I love era pvp. I play. You don’t → Fill in here.


i am sorry, what ?

yes- you play horde. you are basically carried by about 5 R14/naxx shamans and rogues that win every single game for you. and i think your main is shaman, so you essentially play EZ mode pvp with massive equip advantage, racials and ppl that carry you.

i have seen your alli mage, he is just as pathetic as the rest of us. you played one game, got r*ped with us and relogged to horde lol

not sure if you should promote ERA pvp. maybe promote horde pvp. but either way, this crap will be dead within weeks

I do not play a shaman no. This char I post with is my main.

I only pvp with my ally mage these days. You could have said hello. Do not hesitate next time.

I will do what I seem fit to do, so no need of your counsel, thanks.

For starters I will flag your post for language. I am tired of people insulting others for no reason. This must stop.

Obviously insulting is wrong but Tiky is somewhat right.

There is this Everstorm shaman on this forum too. All he does is push shock spell and then wait for WF proc. He has been doing it for 2 years, that’s all wow is for him. He also wants fresh 60s to join bg-s so he can 1 shot them.

For you too, wow is just hanging out with friends, 1shotting every boss by doing 5times more damage than was intended when boss was created. What about newcomer? What should newcomer do.

I have no idea why would you guys promote era severs. Only reason is that you could one-shot this ungeared people when they queue for BG-s. I literally can find no other reason.

feel free. At this point i think the classic forums will continue to stay mostly silent without my offensive input

another point thats maybe intersting for other people is this comment:

I found that hugely discouraging when i found out we have a number of moles like this Bananoid guy in the team. I need to build a team of people i can trust and work with to get better. The idea that i am just working for enemy faction tourists doesnt sit well with me. A big turnoff for era pvp imo.

I am also quite certain they sit on a cross faction Discord

Go play something else then. It is that simple.

As for myself, I spend a lot of time helping levelers and ungeared people. I am a classlead for a guild over here and it is part of what I do and love to do.

But of course, how would you know, right?

Wish you luck in your new endeavors!

Good bye.

(flagged again for yet another insult)

jeez you seem a prickly fellow :slight_smile: (ANOTHER INSULT)

thats great. we ungeared people appreciate getting steamrolled by your buddies. it is also irrelevant for the question of whether WSG might be fun for a returning player, which once was the topic of the thread :stuck_out_tongue: