Current state of PvP (2021, Q4)

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This is 3rd part of my QQ thread in regards to PvP, balancing and all things related.
Previous threads were [Current state of PvP (2021, Q1)] && [Current state of PvP (2021, Q2)(Current state of PvP (2021, Q1))
And (Current state of PvP (2021, Q2))

Why is the 3rd part of my QQ thread written in Q4? Well, I quit midway Q3, cause the balance was more broken then ever. Slowly things were getting into “order”, but there’s still work to be done.

To start off with the stuff from Q2 is previously QQ’d about:
Domination sockets aren’t such a big deal nowadays in PvP, as I haven’t seen many people playing with them. (Did get wrecked by a fully geared moonkin using them once, but that was once in 500+ arenas.)

Positive side that was done in Q2/Q3 -
Positive 1 - Increasing conquest gain
Positive 2 - Buying boxes for alts to gear them up in full conquest.

Negative 1 - Inability to transfer Soul Cinders - Forcing undergeared character to either lend a helping hand to run Torghast 9 multiple times, or just buy a boost.
Negative 2 - Lack of Conduit options for purchase (AT LEAST allow us to buy stuff like Unbound Reality Fragment/Soul Twining Crescent for Honor, or Death-Bound Shard for Conquest. Doesn’t matter if it’s BOA or not, although I’d prefer if it was.)
Negative 3 - Lack of sockets on PvP gear - This forces us to grind either the Death’s Advance reputation, or to grind the super-speedy 2x4 Rift groups. Please, just allow the sockets to be purchasable through PvP means. (Either Honor, Conquest or Mark of Honor, doesn’t really matter.)

Now, system stuff aside, let’s get into the meaty part:
Class balancing / tuning

These all are issues, I’m not ranking them by severity, but here they go:

  1. WW Monk random proc (Chi-Ji) AoE damage. I am pretty sure that most of the people here can agree with me that monk damage is a bit overtuned. This needs to go down, as they’re capable of killing people within 1.5 seconds that are fully geared.

  2. Hybrid healing, and to add on top of that, DK Healing. Hybrid healing is still somewhat overtuned (slight nerf could make it alright), DK Healing is off the charts. Frost/Unholy DK’s SHOULDN’T be able to outheal actual healers in arenas.

  3. Retribution Paladin - Blind into oneshot. There needs to be a limit how much damage can be dealt to blind before it breaks. Them being to kill a target within 3 seconds after blinding them and having HoJ ready just in case trinket was used, is a bit too much.

  4. Hunter Craven Strategem legendary. This item single-handedly counters most of the Assa Rogues, Ferals, Shadows and Afflocks. I’m fine with leaving the cooldown on 15 seconds, However, the effect that removes most negatives status effects NEEDS to have a longer cd - Say something like 30+ seconds.

  5. Warrior damage is still unbelievably high, paired with their defenses. There needs to be a bigger penalty for Defensive Stance, or nerfed Ignore Pain.

  6. Conqueror’s Banner. Lower the amount of mastery it gives in PvP scenarios so they won’t be able to do 3x 40k hits in a row. To offset, you can increase the duration a bit. (This can be done in same order as Pelagos trait was “nerfed” couple patches back)

  7. Intervene is still absurdly overpowered when paired with Ignore Pain and Defensive Stance. Ignore Pain percentage of dmg taken needs to be nerfed.

  8. Make Kyrian Spear Trinketable.

  9. I do distinctly remember crying about Vesper Totem being garbage in my Q1 post, but honestly, when you’re tuning stuff, PLEASE find a middle ground. It went from absolute garbage which only was used by 2 shamans on 1.8k rating to a godlike spell that’s capable of oneshotting people. Nerf the damage in PvP scenarios.

  10. Deathbolt. Yep. I get why it’s named Deathbolt, but honestly, c’mon. This needs to be tuned down a bit.

  11. Mage conduit for healing inside the Ice Block needs to be tuned down a bit. Getting immunity + debuff removal + full heal from a single spell is too much value. Tone down the healing, it’s not fun killing a mage 4 times before he’s dead.

  12. Double Tap bug. How is this still not fixed year into the expansion? I’m talking about the one where if you get a lock’n’load proc before or while channeling Rapid Fire, and if you fire it before Rapid Fire ends, both abilities benefit from Double Tap.

  13. Grounding Totem and Frostbolt bug interaction. If you hit a Frostbolt into a Grounding Totem, and hit a target with a Frostbolt afterwards, it shoots out 2 Frostbolts. This doesn’t sound like it’s working like intended.

  14. Vanquisher’s Hammer and the Templar’s Verdict conduit bug interaction. If Templar’s Verdict decides to proc for 30% damage while Vanquisher Hammer is up, it will hit with Divine Storm twice. Also doesn’t sound like it’s working like intended.

  15. Execute Charge pvp talent needs to have an internal cooldown…

I feel like meta is going to shift wildly with the next patch, however, i’d love to request PvP-centric legendaries.

If I forgot anything that’s making arena even more annoying, please feel free to add.

Kind Regards.


Really well summarized.
I’d have to agree with everything here, 99% of post here on point.

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Ofc u agree, no 7 sec kidney issue was mentioned.
All balancing threads be like:
Please nerf scissors.
Signed - rock.


Xept I play Outlaw bud :slight_smile: Not 7 sec kindey

They don’t you clueless muppet.
The Spellwarding asborb counts as healing for its full amount at the end of the game, even if it asborbed 5 dmg out of 20k.


Im pretty sure there is currently no such bug.

  1. twain the Rock still Op
  2. Rogue restealth too easy with conduit
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You forgot rogues?

what. never saw a single person complaining about dk healing but okay lol

i agree necro is giga broken but be careful with these numbers. No warriors do 3x 40k hits in a row. Dont make up random numbers please.

idk 3 seconds intervene is fine in my opinion.

never happened to me or anyone i know idk

agree on the rest though


Ice Block conduit is not played in 3s. It’s only 2v2 Rogue/Mage thing. In 3s you play the one that heals you for 45% damage received into shields and the one that gives you shield whenever you Blink that also counts towards the first one. That’s why Mage is so tanky in 3s and does so much healing but overall yeah. You are right.

Regarding DKs and healing. It’s just a bad design that spec is good vs one type of damage. DKs are gods vs magic damage but dogs vs physical. You can’t design classes this way in WoW. It’s not MOBA where you ban and pick specs before the match. Your spec is supposed to do fine vs a lot of things. This way you are extremely hard to beat for castercleaves but Jungle or Arms/WW/Healer absolutely wipes the floor with you. From all things that Blizzard could give to DK to survive in 9.1 they gave him the passive that creates an absorb and slows casting speed. The only reason they did is because they added this rune in SL and nobody ever took it.

I’d say that a lot of things aren’t designed with PvP in mind. Best example is Sub set bonus. No chance that person who designed played a single game of Sub Rogue in Arena. Arena meta is literally a side effect of their designs which have no arena in mind.


For all those who keep wondering about why and how DK healing is busted, please view and then tell me their healing is fine.

Nah should be one attack only. Same for conduit

This legy is so useless even BDK never use it in PvE. This video ia about plebs show content.

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healing is the only baseline dk defensive besides ams which only works against magic (icebound has 3mins so forget that). so without healing we have nothing against melee. and its not off the charts right now at all.
if u are a caster or play with one i can understand the frustration if the oppenent dk plays spellwarden since its quite strong (the absorbs gets shown as healing).

and ye u cant use the leggy out of ur vid otherwise u never kill sht. u need an offensive one. like noone plays with that leggy.


Icebound is stun trinket or offensive stun immune. U can hardly call it shield wall - cuz too long cd. Mb in some situations. Actually being mostly reactive healing in pocklet not so good. U just literally paper against phys dmg or burst. Spell warden,AMZ and DS - is what u have.
P.S. Same with AMS - u will try use it offensive against MG or cyclone.


i just tried out the blood leggy for 1v1’s. its okay-ish but u will still get burst down by melees that arent retards. sangunation on weapon for burst heal (still u wont ever use this in rated pvp) + offensive leggy seems way better.

You can make it 10% and it won’t change anything really. It’s still a 12k shield.

They will fix these over a year when noone plays with the SL expansion.

As I understand it, its the same like frost DK blind. The pala blind works as a stun if you are hitting the enemy with holy damage and the frost dk stun works like a stun for frost damage. I remember being blinded and holy priest+ret were ranged hitting me to death, while blinded…These abilities are hilariously bad, even a toddler would figure out how to abuse it and ppl who designed them should be fired. Im sorry, but its obviously so bad mechanic, I cant believe it. Either make it a stun or make it a blind. Dont give it the best of both worlds, and different DRs, lol…

Holy moly man, i have nothing to change or to input, well written, gg