Dagger in the dark nerf

Finally we got this nerf, it was really unhealthy for the game even with the point that i used it too, but, 2 meme things in this case:

  1. Broken talent now garbage talent kekw
  2. Nothing was fixed except this one (it’s like all were ok)
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Blizz must hate rogues. Warr, druid, paladins, mage untouched but hey let’s nerff rogue. Next will be propobly hunters, shamans, and rogue again to get nerffed.

Blizzard hates rogues and want them to be the trashiest pvp class, it’s always been like that ! Facts !

Seriously tho, nice way to begin a day to hear that loads of fotm reroller will have to choose another cheese to get rating.

Finally, that they nerf Daggers in the Dark is great (and I am a sub rogue main).

Only concern is that they do no other pvp tuning changes. Where are the warrior pvp nerfs after all these months? Kind of crazy

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Now nerf retri heal by 50 % and dmg by 20% and dmg in bubble by 75%,
Nerf combustion crit chance to 20%
Nerf arms warrior dmg by 25%
Nerf enhancement heal by 35%
Nerf convoke by 50%
Nerf the hunt by 35%
Nerf chaos bolt by 20%
Nerf ele shaman dmg by 20% and heal by 35%
Nerf rogue dmg by 15%
Nerf all heal spec dmg by 35% and heals by 25%

And pvp will be fun to watch

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Yeah, it would be a cool circus to watch for sure.

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Is there a link to these changes somewhere ? Can’t find it anywhere. I don’t want to get my hopes up for no reason.

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The tears are absolutley delicious totally made my day, you are clueless my dear sir.


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Funniest comment i’ve seen in a while, especially in PVP

One of the clueless-est comment of the section. Gratz

Cool thanks. I wish they had removed it and not nerfed it. Pretty sure it will still allow some unhealthy stuff after the nerf.


Does anyone use “the rotten” in pve ? What was the point of 30>50 up? Does it viable in pve?

The chronology of nerfs looks a bit strange. it was (the rotten + dagger) 130% before 9.0.5 it was 150% last few weeks, and it will 30+50 = 80% in future (less than dagger in the dark w/o the rotten last 2 years) , and if noone using the rotten in pve all of changes since start are meme

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Maybe just introduce semi afk PvP bots so you don’t need to press buttons yourself anymore?

I wonder how much better it would be if they just changed back crit damage to be 150% damage

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oh yes we all love to watch 70%+ dampening games. Seriously stop posting if you have no clue of pvp please.


that would not fix anything tho, just make it a bit RNG, they should just make mages unable to lower the CD of combust in PvP.

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Guy is obviously trolling or just plain clueless.

Won’t it still be possible to oneshot as double rogues on clothies? Only nerfing the dagger in the dark doesn’t fix the rest of the damage multipliers for it, in that oneshot macro.

And of course, we still have the very skilled boomie incarn and dagger in the dark combo as well. Only nerfing dagger in the dark doesn’t fix it.