Date the poster above you<3 #2

*Hands a torch*

Babe, you know how to light a fire. Let's go to your place, dim the lights, close the curtains... I'll bring a world tree. ;)
It is good to see people spreading the word of loooooove on the forums.

Let us share in the experience, Rakihu.
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Don't get any strange ideas just because we cooked together Tozuko!
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You look really bland... Where's all the fancy stuff!
You lack EDGE boyy!
I think you may have taken that "edge" just a little bit too far. I could prick my fingers just by looking at your hair! I suppose we could discuss this further once you have visited the barber.
I am not bald under this helmet.
I commend you on the beard, but no.
Now that is one elegantly dressed lady of divine tastes & fashions.

I think that we will get on swimmingly well.

Lets go set poor people on fire for fun together.
You're not really priestly are you? Might have to change back to green eyes.

Alas, it must remain a no, since I am not a lesbian.

I am certain Maarod would love to spend some time with you.
Bah, too skinny, a gust of wind back in me homeland is enough ta send ya flying like a bloody damn kite!
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Oh aye' I'll polish ya' Warhammer for you if you think you can handle it.
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*Chokes while smoking from his pipe and began to cough aloud.*
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*Sings about the forty-seven ways to skin a dwarf.*
I won't get between what's about to happen here, you guys do you.

Edit: No Dorcs.
No elves.
What if you that kinda orc?
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*Offers Syanidi another apple.*
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Here is lesson about trickery, this is going in history!
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If you wanna be a villain number one...
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27/09/2018 23:16Posted by Mythaldris
If you wanna be a villain number one...

So follow my lead and sneak around. SHHHHH! sets teldrasil accidently on fire. Don't touch that!
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