Dear Blizzard

But I don’t know if your serious or not with the homogenization part…

But when I say “core skills” this is what I was referring to. Spells that make you re-rolling to a class that has it something to consider. It should not be like this.

You should be able to play with your Pala with its Auras and Bubbles (unique to Pala, and lets keep it that way) because you like to play with a Pala. Simple as that.

Actually, I like playing lots of classes. I’ve played at least half the dps specs in the game at one point or another, but this is my first venture into mage. My comment was mostly tongue in cheek.

Thats what I thought… :smiley:

It was too suspicious to not be a joke. :smiley:

Aren’t we able to just play what we enjoy till a very high level? In the end at the very very very top there will always be a meta. Also when we give bloodlust and combat ress to every spec.

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You are. No key has ever been broken below +20 JUST because they didn’t have BL or CR.

Not sure about raiding on that point though.

You talk about below +20, but i would even say up to 25 you can just play what you enjoy. Having a CR in your group would be nice though. You basically never run a key without some deaths. That doesn’t mean everyone should have one.

I timed yesterday a +25 with randoms from No Pressure, with a Brewmaster, 2 rogues and a bm hunter. We didn’t have a CR :grin:


I’ve done +25 keys with no BL and all but one member of the group being a paladin. It truly doesn’t matter at that level, and I feel like those of us who choose to play above that SHOULD expect to have to play around balance issues. There are so many things the devs need to balance (between raid, M+ and PvP) that asking them to balance our taste for infinitely scaling content is simply absurd (in my opinion).


Why exactly is it simply absurd? Because I want to see different comps doing rank one keys. It’s better for the health and longevity of the game. The current meta, where people are forced to reroll each season because my class didn’t get the buffs/nerfs, etc, is just boring and dull. There’s an issue with the current state of M+ S2 is proof of that at least now they are trying to move in a better direction now that more classes are viable this season, but it’s still limited by the old game designs I mentioned above in my initial post.

Why don’t you think there always be a best comp doing the highest keys? Even when you give Bloodlust and Combat ress to every spec. For the highest of the highest keys you will always have this.

What you ask for is 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 dps spec. Otherwise people always will find advantages in certain dungeons for certain specs or class synergy.

No I’m asking for more balanced buffs clearly you didn’t read my first post or have no clue why 10% stamina buff is op in rank 1 keys

Clearly i did read it. But balanced buffs (and utility) means you have to make everything equal. Clearly you do not understand when you have different classes you always will have a best performing composition on the very highest level.

No disrespect but you can’t even tell us the right % for a stam buff.

If you can’t get the simple bits right, why should we believe the nuance?

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Im really wondering where you are getting that 10% from, seems like you are a bit behind, by like 2 expansions.


This is a oversimplification. Saying there will always be a meta is one thing.

But packaging up the power of such meta into the statement misses the point. S1 had a meta. S2 had a meta. Both were meta.

But you have to agree that it was not the same experience for players.

And from a system design perspective, the “closer” blizzard gets to a “perfect” balance, the bigger the weight of group buffs will have. Its a negative feed-back loop.

One way to break that negative feed-back loop is through homogenization. But you cant, and should not, make every spek the same 4 buttons with the same 4 utility. You have to keep each spec distinct.

So one way to reach a “compromise” is to only homogenize buffs/utility that have a large impact. Such as BL and CR.

From a system perspective, homogenizing these big buffs will have a positive outcome:

  • meta will transform into comps. Which is what happened in PvP by not allowing the use of BL and CR (another way of homogenizing classes).

And why are comps better? It allows for more variety and for multiple “comps or metas” to exist simultaneously. Not just 1.

Usually comps are better because specs complement each other. Also damage profiles and survivability. Currently a BM hunter with bloodlust isn’t meta because he can’t survive things on higher keys without externals. We can give hunter another battleres but it isn’t going to change anything to the meta for the highest of the highest keys.

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There are details to the idea I present.

But if you work towards that goal, the difference with the “highest of the highest keys” you mention goes from 2 key levels, to 1 key level, to minutes within the same key level.

100% agree. Hunter doesn’t need CR. It will make absolutely zero difference to its chances to be taken to high keys. What it needs is better defensives.

The homogenisation of BL and CR will make practically no difference at all. (When any character can be an engineer and use the engi CR with extremely low fail chance, what benefit is there to giving every class a built in CR?)

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The current highest keys are done with vengence, monk/priest, balance druid, mage and aug. In the meta like this there is only 1 spec with a battle res and only 2 out of 5 have bloodlust. It really doesn’t matter when we give every spec both. Meta is created by damage profiles, classes that completement each other and survivability. There’s even a comp without a battle res that timed a +32.

When it is about those last top keylevels it for sure isn’t about bloodlust and/or battleres.

Utility is also a huge factor in the highest keys. There are some pulls that are just not possible unless you have the combination of CC (including stuns, knocks and silence) to keep the pack completely locked down without making it CC immune. Take the 5 casters before the 2nd boss in DHT, for example. That comp has the tools to keep that pack from casting for as long as it takes to kill it.

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Not the only comp.

There are other comps that instead of a Boomie they run with SPrist and RDruid. And its equally popular than the one you mentioned.

And its funny because it would be counter intuitive to bring boomies and RDruids to high keys. Especially when survivability is a problem. You literally cant get squishier than a boomie/RDruid.

So I can conclude that they are there ONLY because of CR.