Dear story writing team, please do not insult our IQ

Spoliers ahead: the end cinematic of the raid is probably the must underwhelming story telling after the nayalotha end cinematic. I do not know what is wrong with the team but this is not for grown audience. I doubt if even kids get excited looking at these kind of endings.

Stop please. If this level of story telling is what is to be expected in the coming expansions, i guarentee you will have no one to play this game.

Such a shame


Im honestly sure that they tried to spit in our faces a few times, this is probably the return of this so familiar gesture.
Nobody in this playerbase respects any of this friendship is magic thing with its idiotic bright colors and squishy dragons with makeup that you would see on a 7 year old girl playing makeup.
And the funny part is that → they know it.
Theres not a single character I like in this game as it is right now.
They’re all not relatable, interresting, thought provoking, if anything they’re just and simply an idealistic version of a main character of a kids movie.
Imagine having a player base of average 25+ olds and presenting them content for juniours with systems that you need PHD and 5 years of experience to understand properly xD.
The company is called Blizzard, yet all I see is rainbows and sunshine, my little pony with a little mix of power rangers.
Theres probably not a single sane person in this writing team.
Its just such a let down cinematic- i am furious.


Have you seen the Chromie quests and cinematics outside and within the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon? It was written for toddlers…


they are finally writing for the game’s intended age rating of 12+ :smiley: you should be proud of them


we as responsible adults have to heed our behavior as there are minors around always reading, like the story designed for all ages of audience we have to remember this :smiley:

im so old and i dont have kids my own but i feel im rising some everytime i play wow now, sometimes it can be quite heated argument or juvenile banter over nothing! huh hu

Im just totally sure they have people to sabotage them in their ranks, like who possibly could think that game which require you TO PAY SUBSCRIPTION AND IS EXPENSIVE, while knowing damn well this game usually has players at age of 20+ should be the most toddler friendly, reminding of fairytale game, where dialogues remind you of zofia the princess or mickey mouse cartoons

Blizzard really needs to fire their impostors


you are joking right? Have you seen 12+ movies? Be serious please
current storytelling is 3+, not 12+


I saw the cinematic. This is not blizzard quality story telling. Look at the end cimenatics for legion, They were the bomb. When we killed guldan and Illidan shatters him to dust… or when illidan rekts the naru… or when sargeras pumps the sword in silithus…Those were the cinematics fans want… Not this fast and furious wannabe… family is everything story telling… Its good for kids under 5 years not a mature crowd


while im not 100% on this but i believe the average be ~30 as the playerbase is aging, im about to ding 40 as example. wow playerbase is old and not that its the oldest but its pretty old mmorpg :slight_smile:

i would love quote danny glover from leathal weapon from time to time but im not allowed i have to mind the children to not say a word interpret as swearing and it has one on the line! my use of vocabulary is restricted


im 33 my self… and this cinematic seemed something my nephew used to watch when he was 4 yrs old on Cocomelon


Whether this is good or bad has nothing to do with our age, alright?

This story is just bad. It’s written like an episode of Paw Patrol, but with just enough violence it isn’t appropriate for that audience either. And it didn’t even render properly. Some cutscenes bugged out.

Catastrophically bad. It’s time to let the writing team go. This is inexcusable.


Just seen them – one word - is cringe

Total cringe .

Insert some Vin Diesel meme " for family " - i just straight up smiled at that line/

Is avenger with a Wakanda and a “badass” “money shoot” of multiple chars - but overall love and family can overcome any evil.

Honestly - i can feel that writing team has never written fantasy lore and has no clue about wow lore whatsoever.
( diversity hires :confused: )

More over Blizz currently does not understand their core player base ( people who stick around for 20 years )

Tbh - begs the questions - are the next expansions as weak as this in writing ?
By the looks of it - there will be wow avengers fighting thanos ( sorry bad titan) at the end.


It is, when you reach a certain age, the story grows with you. they just cant ignore their OG audience who would be in their mid 30s by now. Looking at the crowd in blizzcon, we had grown ups in their MID 30’s and not kids. I doubt if there were any one under the age of 20. And when you know your audience demographics you ought to cater to their collective taste. What is the use of all these PHDs and MBA’s when you cannot gauge your own audience tastes?

Well they did gauge the " The other part" into their story telling.


There is too much violence for someone under 5 and the writing is too on-the-nose for anybody else. It’s written like Paw Patrol with the occasional slapfight.

This story is bad for anyone at any age.


now this would be interesting twist, see wow mature with us :slight_smile:

i see no reason why it couldnt deepen drama for more adult or even darken the writing, that is unless we only target the minors aka underaged of wows playerbase which i believe ironically also to be minor group these days as the playerbase is quite old…

but tbh on the ww cinema we saw thrall and anduin as old boys now, thrall even has grey hair

THE ONE BADDIE WE FINALLY LIKED after the JAILER fiasco was FYRRAK and you killed him.

Talk about digging your own grave Blizzard.

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Whats wrong with the cinematic? The dragons have their powers back, this time not from the Titans. Even Alexstrasza seems to be skeptical of the titans now. The Last Titan art is the same spherical prison as the ones that held the Incarnates:

it seems obvious now that they’re setting up the story to reveal that Azeroth is being held in a similar prison to the Incarnates, that perhaps the Sword was aimed at Azeroth’s prison to break it and release her, and that the World Soul saga will conclude with us battling the Titan Pantheon alongside Azeroth, who the Titans have been siphoning power from for eons through the various Titan facilities around Azeroth.

We’ll probably learn that this was why Sargeras was so obsessed with Azeroth and I could see him even getting some sort of redemption story and teaming up with Azeroth before dying in the final fight.

But yeah, thats my fan fic based on the names + what metzen said + the fact that titan prisons are these layered discs with titan runes on them, which are the same ones that show up on the seat of the pantheon floor as an example:

Story is starting to pick up imo. You guys are way too doomer. You guys just want some cool guy in armour to show up and say rawr i am very evil my plan is to kill all the good and do all the evil rawr so epic poggers. Let them cook - Metzen is back so Steve Danuser is probably sharpening pencils or dusting keyboards while Metzen is in the kitchen.

storys in RPGs are 10 gorillion times more interesting and fun when you have to piece it together through quests and item text and subtle hints rather than just being told it outright.


Dude great post - i like this stories :slight_smile:

But remember that everybody loved Stan Lee’s work in the comics but the most film adaptations are turds now (as example)

Now i don’t say there is not an interesting story there - I’m sure there is . But now the word of the game is “money” - so no money = cut content and weak adaptation.

I think they’ve realised after 2 terrible expansions in a row and a lukewarm one like DF, that the story actually matters. Alex Afrasiabi and Steve Danuser going on some weird Sylvanas cringe story for 4 years straight that led to absolutely nothing interesting is dead now. Metzen is back and the dude straight up seems to have just said “nah” and started us back at 7.3.5, but now we have crying anduin leading us into the depths of Azeroth instead of whoever would’ve done it at the end of Legion (Khadgar?)

Its not perfect, but man, I think most of us just want to pretend Shadowlands didn’t happen, so I don’t even care that they’re just going “yep anyways back to Legion’s storyline” and ignoring the fact that we just fought turbo Satan at the crucible of reality.

The game at the end of the day got big in large part because of the story and im glad that they’re pre-planning the story for the next 6 years rather than just winging it and seeing what comes up.

They’ve been setting up this Titan stuff for the entire expansion, just in really subtle ways - probably too subtle, and probably too much Alexstrasza feeling sorry for herself and too little epic moments. But yeah if you look closely at the details, they’re telling a story - the Dragons are back, they’re skeptical of the titans, Iridikron’s lair is supposedly in Northrend in a cave called Harrowsdeep, so that guy will be back in 13.0 (he says he is waiting for the return of the titans in Dawn of the Infinites dungeon… and 13.0 is Northrend!)

All of these details are there and obvious and its fun finding them, they just need to have more “i am my scars” type cutscenes to hook people in so they start discovering them for themselves rather than “yes dragon sista queen we are besties now mwah oxox so soz for locking you in a titan prison for eons my bad bb grl xo” type cutscenes which has been half of DF.


You need to understand, the story might seem fine, but the “story telling” is bad. The end cinematic reeked of cringe… 1 happy family? really? that is what you want to tell in an expansion of Alpha dragons trying to save the world from another grp of proto drakes who were the offsprings of 1 gaint death spweing machine called galakrond? this is what they want to focus on?

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