Dear story writing team, please do not insult our IQ

We had this with the run up to SL, though, with a route into genuinely interesting storytelling that never happened. Sylvanas could have been the Big Bad of SL, with true evil agency (and first female character to be that). She could have been this great allegorical characrter with a proper rise and fall… But no, the story writers went all fan service and gave her a get-out clause. It was just the Jailer who tricked her - she’s fine really, a good person at heart, and no doubt will return after a short period of pennace.

This is not 12+ stuff.
It is Rated E for everyone with toddlers as the base line.
The first Pokémon movie was edgier than this


No, I’m an optimist. Though my previous post might briefly suggest that I am a doomer, I am in actual fact disappointed but not surprised, yet hopeful.

I had no notion that Chris would be able to fix this. This ending was set in motion years ago. Dragonflight, in general, has exceptionally poor writing, nowhere more so than the main story. I know about that.

The idea of unraveling the mysteries of a Titan plot to destroy our world is very exciting. That’s essentially the story of Ulduar, but on a bigger scale.

What I don’t want any more of, and what I think is wrapping up, is this style of storytelling where the problem is not exposed or understood, and the resolution explained at the end like we had no prior chance to work it out for ourselves.

How can we be presented with an evil we cannot see?

And of course all the badassery is completely gone as well. I really some sort of confrontation with Galakrond. Didn’t get it.

It’s not even the moralising that’s the biggest problem here. Look at MoP. Beautifully told the dumbest concept ever conceived about pandas from pandaland doing peaceful panda things and eating a lot and turned it into a masterclass of story telling about why we must protect ourselves from the horrors of the world yet take our time to understand that horrors first so as to not perpetuate it.

The world was detailed and rich, and the monsters very frightening. I mean the concept of having a monster around that erupts out of you when you’re scared or angry… and it kills people. Yeah… good reason to be doing chill panda things, huh?

Dragonflight failed to do all that. And that’s why it sucks.


I do not think the Titans want to destroy the world cause they would had done so ages ago.
If you look into that ingame book (it is somewhere in the central base in the dream) about the story of the first world tree in Azeroth, Aman Thul is an Order absolutist and the thing the dominant titan school of thought is about keeping everything controlled under Order. The same book suggests that Eonar will probably oppose the rest of the titans.

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Why order is the main enemy in 21 century games?


Because Order is associated with pre-established power structures and the modern liberal arts mindset is to tear them down (only to ironically replace them with their own at the end).

Rebelling against oppressive world order is generally an easy plot to get into in any case

Those who wish to have control require order for the sake of maintaining control. So their would be usurpers want to tear down the existing world order.
Based on what side you want to have as the good guys, it is either a good Order that is being threatened by the agents of Chaos (like demons) or an Oppressive world order that is opposed by moral rogues (One Piece is a great example)


i’m talking about 2004 12+ … not the corrupt rating they get now :smiley:
also fitting that discount deathwing gets a terrible ending after all according to some cata was the WORSE expansion heh his lucky the bronze dragon flight didn’t dig up the dragonsoul from time and had thrall do a repeate performence

but maybe being hit by the dragonsoul and exploding into sparkles would have been a better ending

New and upcoming writers are maybe afraid to take leaps into more difficult plots ?

Like someone said - order - I guess “order” is safe writing .

Tbh there is more conflict/and character build up in Evil Rick 1 minute recap origin than is in full SL story.

Well there is safe writing and there is also dull writing.
The power of love/family/friendship is safe writing but depending on how it is presented and fleshed out it can be what makes our reactions to range from “Heck Yeah” to “Meh”.

This has less about writers being new and upcoming and more about if they were hired based on merit or some quota/nepotism/cronyism. The American entertainment industry is currently having a massive cronyism problem in the mainstream.

TBF ‘‘I am my scars’’ is as cringe as the Sailormoon bullcrap they made this raid.

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Only way I can explain this kind of writing is, that blizzard hired redditors to write the story.


It’s a very simple “… and they all lived happily ever after” ending.

It makes me vomit. I don’t play World of Warcraft for that rubbish! It’s awful.

And they want us to believe that the World Soul Saga will be an epic story, when they put out rubbish like this?


True, The Powerpuff girls had better writing than this.


As much as some dialogues are gigacringe, I didn’t mind the sailor moon scene and I’m curious how you guys would have imagined the empowering of the Aspects. I always thought it would be a sparklefest.
I must once again play the part of the contrarian: the story team is doing pretty good overall.
Story =/= one cutscene. Most of them are at least good, and I loved almost every line in the questing.
Yes, they could tone it down a bit with the brony vibes, but I feel like people always blow criticism out of proportion when it comes to WoW.

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the the cinematics were a masterpiece. the aspect being blessed by azeroth, fyrakk dying like the b*tch he is and the importance of values like family and friendship all shown in these 2 cinematic.



Power rangers level of plot.


I watched the cinematic last night and went to bed knowing that the reception would be…as expected.

Because yes, that wasn’t good at all.

It was terrible.

I remember doing a review of Dragonflight early in the expansion, and I rated the storytelling 1/5 stars, basically saying that it was so far the worst storytelling Blizzard had done for WoW.
Now seeing how the story of the expansion is wrapped up, I feel rather confirmed in my initial feelings on the matter. Blizzard simply don’t do good storytelling in Warcraft anymore. It’s not even decent. It’s terrible. It’s at the point where I – without shame or arrogance – feel confident that I could do a better job.

The conspiracy side of me is also inclined to believe that Blizzard deliberately pushed 10.2 to be released after Blizzcon, because if this had happened prior to Blizzcon, then Metzen would have had an uphill struggle to hype people for the upcoming World Soul Saga story.
Either way, this sure as hell has put a damper on all of that Blizzcon hype. It will take more than Metzen speeches to convince the playerbase that Blizzard can tell a good story going forward now. They need to actually show that, and boy are they struggling with that.

Worst raid ending cinematic ever, in my opinion. And most anti-climatic expansion ending ever, in my opinion.
1 :star: Worst ever.


I hate it aswell, remember the good old wc3 days where night elfs were highly xenophobic, orcs werent afraid to take things they wanted and even humans being less bland and actually having some strong opinions on certain groups.

Now it just seems so bland and all friendshiplike like they tried to find the worst fanfics they could find and use that their plot for this cinematic.

But i feel like this will be a continueing theme. The next few expansions clearly are going to be about protecting and learning more about azeroth and her being the last titan. And there is this piece of lore i heard somewhere in some lore video wich i dont know the source of anymore. But wasnt azeroth supposed to have another element named spirit, wich azeroth appearently swallowed up( or got infused with).

This would make azeroth the titan of spirit, -probably nurtured by the spirit of all its champions during the conflicts wich happened on azeroth or something like that. Since the dragons are now empowered by azeroth, instead of order they are now infused with sappy feelings.

You guys watch cutscenes? :open_mouth:


I was thinking that considering the (lack of) ability of many of us to respond properly to LFR/Normal mechanics, Blizzard has some good case about doubting our IQ :wink:

In a more serious note, I do hope they will do better moving forward