Dear story writing team, please do not insult our IQ

Most of people who play this game are almost 30 and above, and they do cutscenes and cinematic, even the quests for 10 year olds or for the 0.5% minority of this game.

No violence allowed, only rainbow pooping ponies.


And fantasy beings of variable or ambiguous self identity ! :wink:

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This was the only thing that was playing in my head when I saw the ending cutscene.


Legion had an intensely cringe story. There are a lot of things wrong with it.

But it’s better than this, at least.

Legion manages to be badass. Yes, the characters are repeating old tired lines. Yes, we’re all the one true saviour of Azeroth or whatever - you know, 3 million Ashbringers in circulation and all that. Yes, we invade the strongest demon stronghold with a single ship (which we then proceed to forget we have afterwards somehow). But the characters have personality and they friggin’ disenchant each other.

So there’s that I suppose.

But yes, we certainly have fallen far from the stories of Blizzard between 1995 to 2006. All the steam we’ve had since was just that storytelling exploited to its fullest potential and, sometimes, beyond.

WoW’s overarching story have always been bad… But yeeh, it’s been exceptionally so these last three expansions.

And this time they can’t point to mr pervert to blame.

Blizzard. Hire two writers who will stand for the main plot. A writer educated history to lay the overaching plot. And a writer who knows how to write characters so that we can get someone or multiple characters to relate to.

Rather than what we got now which is an inconsistent mess where the cast can be summarized as one dude split over 10 figures, while also possibly being depressed.

Oh they’ve got way more than that. If this was the solution it’d be more than solved.

Yet they have clearly shown repeatedly that they have nothing alike those put in the role of story leads.

Blizzard clearly got people who knows how to write smaller plots. It’s always the overarching ones that flop.

laughs uncomfortably

Well, how about that…

Yes. It’s almost like the higher the profile, the worse the writing. I wonder why that might be.

:dracthyr_lulmao: :dracthyr_lulmao: :dracthyr_lulmao:

It’s the age of the players.

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this is what happens when you don´t pay the writers well.

that, or vin diesel asked blizzard to make the story about family.


they busy hashtaging on twitter. the good writers are shackled by american thought police


this topic and this line of thinking will not age well…
the kind and simple, heartwarming story will be sourly missed by y’all when the chaos is unleashed.


That is just not how it works. If you have a lot of work experience then you know that. If your working conditions are bad then you need to change job. Not performing well is the worst thing you can do because you’re wasting time where you could pick up experience otherwise.

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badass and there was just more story and alot of well known characters returning trough class halls. The story carried legion because for the most part i do not like legion that much.

except suramar tho, we should have more zones like that. Just a full blown city as a zone.

Mmm sorry, no youre completely missing the point or distracting the direction of the conversation.
Thats not what people have a problem with.
Not even gonna write a whole bar of text for this- you, my friend simply missed the memo.
The cinematic is awful.
Especially the dialogue.

That’s cause they actually had real writers back then. Or maybe good management. But now. It’s just pathetic. They ran the story into the ground along with so many characters.

Seriously following the story in DF it’s like the whole writing team really wants to be working at Disney. They ruined the story not just in DF but leading to it, they ruined characters, factions. They turned the Alliance into these passive altruist and the Horde into apologists.

The funny thing is it shows how crap things are at Blizzard cause nobody there outside of that deluded writing team looked at this crap and said, “wait a second, this sucks, we can’t release this”. No such luck.

Someone said that the writing team isn’t paid enough that’s why this is happening, to that I say, based on this crap, I’m surprised they still have a job. I could get a better story by letting my 4 year old play with his toys and take the plot from there and it would probably be more interesting or at least more exciting than this crap.

Honestly I’m just about done. If Metzen’s presence isn’t gonna reflect on the quality of the story, I’m out for good.

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i know that people don’t like dragonflight direction, i’m not too fond of it too, but what kind of characters were ruined here, give me examples, because i don’t see anyone behaving out of character, or retconning what was previously established.
And yes yes alliance vs horde is not a thing for this time period, good.

Of course legion had more story, they tried to shoehorn whole fall of legion plot into one expansion (and still failed), argus should have been separate expansion, not one patch.

I don’t agree there myself. Was it over the top? Yep. Is Illidan the embodiment of ‘edgy’? Absolutely. Is it silly in a way? Yes, but in the best WoW way imho. And to me the message underneath was rooted in something powerful.

I really miss that combination of over the top/cool/powerful that WoW’s writing used to have. It wasn’t brilliant, but it didn’t need to be, it had boatloads of vibe and flavour.


It isn’t just WoW, unfortunately. Both ESO and FFXIV are doing the same thing and they both have higher age ratings than WoW does.

It’s a sign of the times. A lot of people in the industry now try to brute force their belief of ‘world peace’ and ‘found family’ into absolutely everything even in settings where the appeal resides with the grit, conflict and dark humour.

As a fan of nuance, I do not want to see every conflict in the setting reduced to ‘good vs evil’. I’d prefer to see more focus on the individual races within each faction - without humans, orcs and forsaken stepping into the spotlight at their expense.

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