Death Knights for All Races Preview

The restless spirits of pandaren and Allied Races can return to the mortal plane as Death Knights in the upcoming Visions of N’Zoth content update.



Why is the new start only for Pandas and Allied races? Why not an option for DKs of the other, older races to do that start? I’m sure DKs of all the other races were being raised during these times, too.


Why do Pandaren DKs not require an unlock while the Allied Races, that already have an unlock requirement, require further unlocking to play Death Knight?

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Because we already have Pandaren unlocked when we bought the MoP Expansion.

This! All Races should start with this New Start quest thingy,

That doesn’t explain anything. I don’t see why Pandaren shouldn’t have Death Knight gated behind a requirement if they can do it for the Allied Races.

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I wonder, new Death Knights can acquire or use Acherus Knight set?

You are complaining that Pandaren aren’t an Allied race?


Yes, an abomination in the old Acherus sells the entire set for a few coppers.

But they are not? You dont need an Achievement to play DK Allied race.
You just have to have the Allied race unlocked. And you do that by exploring actual Content you payed for.

I’m complaining about the double standard of applying an unlock requirement for DK on races with an unlock requirement, yet not even adding some sort of requirement for the core race. Why shouldn’t Allied Races just get DK’s for owning Shadowlands?

Because you need to have the allied race unlocked, while pandaren were always free to play from the start. It sucks, but it’s how it is. Plus you can get the heritage for the allied races as a DK, so it would be extremely unfair to those people who have to first unlock a non-DK allied race and then level it.

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Okay, the real question is (I haven’t seen this anywhere on wowhead or like) do the AR and panda dks have unique skin colours like the classic race DKs? Because I for one hate playing a DK where the only difference is my glowing eyes. If they don’t get special skin colours as well that make them look properly undead, massive turn off on AR DKs for me.


Nothing so far. I have hopes, but I doubt it. So far there’s been no clue that the DK-specific skins are available to pandaren and ARs either on WoWhead or on MMOChampion.

I totally agree. I like that DKs can look unique and properly undead compared to their living counterparts. It gives the class a true flavour. Glowing eyes just aren’t enough, and I hope that the ARs and the Pandaren get their DK skins eventually, either with the 8.3 release or soon after. Because if they don’t, then they’ll have less customization than the OG DKs, which is completely unacceptable.


I’m not sure I follow.

Allied races have to be unlocked, providing you’ve done that you can play a DK version of them.

Pandaren is a regular race which was unlocked simply by purchasing Mists of Pandaria, this is now included in the basic sub.


There is no extra unlock requirements for the allied races, the note is just to let ppl know u have to unlock the allied races befor being able to make a dk.

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I’m beginning to doubt it as well as the patch is close and nothing yet. Seems like it won’t happen. This really kills my enthusiasm to play an AR DK if so.
If it isn’t even implemented and it’s given the in-game basis “oh, because you’re not undead, Bolvar has just given you death knight powers tho” then i’ll consider all 8.3 specific DKS abominations. DKs have a very cool class fantasy going for them and messing with it because of diversity is just not good. I’d rather a ham-fisted “somehow the ARs got killed and ressed” to maintain the undead part than have the second cohort of DKs being special death-warriors who aren’t actually dead because Bolvar believes in a more ethical necromancy.

It’s little things like this that matter. We play DKS not only because of the class mechanic, but how they look. Glowing blue eyes on their ones means diddly squat when zounds of helmets give glowing eyes and a good portion of races have them already. But looking undead on a non-forsaken race is a cool feature that mustn’t be ignored (that goes for the 3 extra hair colours as well).
I’ll even do your legwork blizz:
Skins: Alabaster White, Blueish-black, Black
Hair: Pale blue, grey, pale green
Skins: White fur, Green fur, Black fur with reddish detail (these affect antler colours too)
Special: HMT DKS get a couple of special new horn tattoo styles which are more in line with DK rune symbology due to lack of hair customisations.
Skins: Crimson red with black detail, Pure white with black detail, Blueish-grey with darker blue detail.
Hair: Greenish grey, Blueish grey, Blue
Skins: Pure black, Even paler white with black detail, Brown with reddish detail
Hair: Grey, Pure black, Crimson red
SKins: Crimson red with black detail, Greenish-brown, Pure white with blueish detail

Void Elf
Skins: Very pale green, Neutral grey, Purplish blue
Hair: Pure black, Pure white, Blackish purple
Skins: Blackish grey, Pure white with blue detail, Mustard-yellow
Hair: Dark grey, dark brown, Dark blue
Skins: Pale greyish-blue, Pure black, greyish-green
Hair: Purple, Blue, Brownish-green (These would affect their flame colours too)
Skins: Same as humans: Greenish, pale blue, darker “greyish” tone.
Hair: Pale white/blue, greyish green, dark greenish brown
Skins: Same as gnomes for the skin, however these also change their metal colours: Pale blue skin colour has rusty silver-blue metal, the green one has a bronzey greenish-gold colour and the “greyish” skin colour has oxidised red metal.
Hair: Crimson, Blue, Green

There ya go blizz. There’s the ideas, open up Microsoft paint and have at it.


Yeah, if they don’t get the DK skins, then they will be subpar in quality to the core race DKs, and with less customization options, which would be an extremely lazy job and completely unacceptable, especially considering that they’re the main (and only) selling point of the base Shadowlands pre-purchase. Giving them glowing eyes (something which every DK has anyway) is not enough.

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It is one of the main reasons I pre-purchased since coming over to a DK main if honest, the potential of having some “options” with my DK race was very appetising and especially with regards to rolling an ally DK as well. So I hope i’m not disappointed here.

I was really looking forward to seeing how they look as I had considered whether this guy might become a Nightborne DK or Zanda DK. But if they don’t have the special skin options…it’s unlikely given both races already have glowing eyes so i’d be missing pretty much every aspect of the unique DK customisation on them except the eyes now have a small, barely detectable flicker to them.

Basically he’s misread the post, taken it to mean an allied race dk needs to both unlock the allied race, and then some other unlock needs to be done. The usual theme here of complaining without understanding.


Same. But then again, I remember the state the original 4 allied races were released in Legion as the main selling point of the BfA purchase, so I don’t hold high hopes at all. Nightborne and HM literally needed hotfixes right after release, which added a tiny bit of extra customization, because they barely had any. Even now the Lightforged, Highmountain and Nightborne have abysmally bad customization, which will only be even worse once the original races get tons of new customization in Shadowlands…