Defias Brotherhood (RP-PvP) Horde Reconnections

Yeah. I pretty much started -occasionally- removing the hat in late WotLK, when I was playing high rating arena. It made a difference, after all.

Back in the days when raiding was difficult. I was kindly invited by Dragonblood Conclave, Burning Dawn and lately by Last Stand. I was busy dying every second pull and awaiting for the res afterwards. They didn’t mind me wearing the hat at that point. )

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Thats amazing. Thank you, its just as I hoped back then.

Also I want you to know that when I came across my first leather skirt with feral druid stats in TBC I decided to never equip pants again in an attempt to be as cool as you.
I managed to keep that up until wotlk and a few of my friends still call me skirtrogue for it.

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Ooooh, comeon, Neimi! I could be your rogue-guard those rare times I happen to be online! Roll rp-pvp!

Thunderball Undead Priest, Taiga Clan

Hey to all the DBC, BD and LS guys, too bad I didnt interact with you back in the day due to my bad English.


Sorry, but I am unflinching in my ruleset decision.

Ingame name - Thigers
Race - Tauren
Class - Hunter
Guild - Violent Noise
Old guildies - Stryke, Troggdor, Grunk, Kiki, Charlie, Anouk

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Kozgugore, Orc Hunter
Orcs of the Red Blade
Open to (re)connect with pretty much anyone who happens to remember the name and has an interest to do so, really!


Raghtul, Undead Rogue.
The Old Lordaeron.

There’s too many names to list, this thread alone has +5 peeps I recognize (I sold you a First Mate’s Hat one time, Gharb!) . I also had characters in The Mistrunner Tribe, The Second Gurubashi Empire and The Sixty Thieves.

I’m not sure if I actually end up playing Classic, since I haven’t even been playing the retail game for a long time, but doesn’t hurt to post here in any case I suppose. Also I might just be wiser than back in 2006 and pick a PVE realm instead, but we’ll see!


Krakus/Karduk/Ragaresh/Guldujenu here!

The Old Lordaeron / The Blighted Crown / Orc of the Red Blade / Drinks on Guldujenu!

Happy to see familiar faces here!


It’s Mevi, the Undead Priest here!

The Old Lordaeron and Sixty Thieves.

It’s really cool to see people I used to know way back when.


You’ll need to be PVE to pat the panda cub.

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I can only respect that!
Is it possible to bribe you? I won’t tell anyone.

Oh, this option is far more appealing than experiencing Stranglethorn Vale in a PVP realm and so forth.

Oooh yeaaah! That’s going to be SO AWESOME!
And then BRD and Stormwind…

This thread has made me so hyped - Its a very beaten and dead horse to say that the community was never as strong as it was in vanilla I know but, its just true - I remember the pull of this game now, thank you all.

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Valtor, Undead Mage
Embrace of Death, The Old Lordaeron, The Blighted Crown

Raolin, Krakus, Weyland, Cybele, Nilar, Naarg, Slice, Vermogen, Timrashal, Zargoth … basically the undead master race

Lots of familiar names in this thread and lots of good memories from vanilla DB :slight_smile:


Hey Valt and Ragh, good to hear from you! And thank you for mentioning Nilar, writing my first post here I was trying desperately, to no avail, to bring back the name of “the mage who always used to end his conversations with the emote /me tips his hat.”

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Raolin, Undead Warrior
Embrace of Death / The Old Lordaeron / The Blighted Crown

There’s honestly too many names to list and for me to remember (mostly the latter), but I already see a few familiar ones in here (and don’t worry Wey, you were a great skirtrogue in Wrath).


Good to hear from you too Weyland! Hope you resurrect the rogue horde side at some stage in Classic :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel like there’s something funny about undead players being the most active ones so far, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Wey, I remember your skirt phase, but when did you lose that Doomsday sign?