Delay flying until 9.0

Ones that don’t do LFR or other raids are probably ones who prefer doing open world content, which means that flying is important part of their gameplay. It’s not like you really need to fly in many raids. It’s open world content. For some it is way to go around doing content faster, for some it is actual content itself.


The game is alot more fun on foot, It makes the world feel more allive. HOWEVER! i do love my dragon

Well, of course.

If somebody posts something stupid then they deserve to be ridiculed for it. If they post something stupid hiding behind an alt, they deserve to be ignored entirely. Get off your high horse, Punyelf.

I believe its when you think its stupid, ‘they deserve it’, what exactly is it you think is stupid ?


I’m not any high horse, quite the contrary. I’m not the one judging people for posting on a non max character.


Just to clarify, MvPs have no power to get people banned. I do love all the misinformation people spread about MvPs. We are just helpful regular posters, you don’t even need to be an MVP to be helpful to others. For more info please see

Not that it will make any difference but at least to clarify for others. MVPs are not Blues, we have no power on the forums. we are not staff, we do not have any ability to get anyone banned. We have all the same report tools available to us just like any other poster on the forums.

If I did have any moderator powers I would have merged all the duplicate threads into one. Alas I don’t.

I have zero need or desire to get people banned. My ego is not the problem.


I hope you copy-pasted your reply to that person because if not what a waste of energy replying to a waste of oxygen.
We know what kind of MvP you are and that to me is indicative to what kind of person you are and you’re a good one - so ignore the ignorant and stay who you are :slight_smile:


There’s a thing called Net-o-Matic. Use that, watch players drop down dead unless they are a pally, priest or mage.

Sure you don’t. It’s totally just a coincidence it happens to anyone who speaks out against you, right?

I think I might know what keeps getting you suspended. Your attitude.

Ive not always agreed with Puny, how come I am not banned ?


Post on your main or not at all.

This… is my main ?

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You aren’t even listening. My friends have been banned, never spoken out against me but received bans but you still want to blame it on some conspiracy theory rather than accept than it being part of the way Discourse works.

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I sure hope not. 369, never done any content in your life. Do you actually play the game or just sit on the forums to back up your precious MVP?

Sure I am. I just disregard it because it’s clear you’re lying through your teeth. Coincidence doesn’t account for how every time somebody calls you out they get hit by the hammer.

Let’s for a moment entertain your idea it’s just “how discourse works”. Why is it only ever on posts directly opposing you that it happens? We can clearly see all the drivel posted on the forum every single day that goes untouched, and yet the moment anyone dares to talk down to you they get hit?

Are you -really- so naive as to put that down to coincidence? I sure hope not.

I have just returned from a month break + I was most active at the start of BFA if you check my achievments, but I guess you haven’t.

And why would I back up Puny ? If I agree with him/her I will say so, if I disagree I will also say so, same to any other player.

As I said, it’s your rudeness and attitude that keeps getting you suspended.

Also if your little conspiracy theory is right then if I say I disagree with Puny right now I would get suspended ?


You are so far off the mark but nothing I say or do will make you see sense.

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A month break doesn’t in any way explain 369 ilvl without having done any content in either season one or two of BFA.

Rather than engaging with the point that you know you can’t refute you just say “Nothing I do will make you see sense!!!”.

It absolutely will. Explain to me how you truly believe everything else escaping the net but anytime you get targetted it leads to immediate bans is just a coincidence. If you can make a convincing enough argument i’ll concede.

Look. At. My. Achievments. And. Gear. It’s from season 1, most of it anyways, When the game first launched, I have not been bothered to raid or PvP yet, i mostly play with friends now, but please, keep backing yourself in a corner.