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We are still in need of more DPS. Above classes preferred, but ANYONE considered!

I’d like to join =)

Still looking for more DPS to join us! Please apply at our website. :slight_smile:

Looking for more DPS still! All classes are listed in the original post, but we consider everyone as long as they fit within our team. :slight_smile:

Still looking for more DPS (absolutely no healers or tanks) to join our ranks for the upcoming raid.

Still looking for more DPS, we particularly would love some melee DPS but anyone but healers and tanks are welcome to join us. Contact info in original post :slight_smile:

To update the progression status, we’re currently 7/8 normal and 2/8 Heroic Eternal Palace. We’re still looking for more DPS to join us. Considering anyone except healers and tanks :slight_smile:

Updated the recruitment list for the classes we would particularly like. Any class is considered, the list is an indication for people! :slight_smile:

We’re currently a nice 7/8 heroic having only had 2 pulls at Zaqul before killing it second try and decent progress on Azshara. Particularly looking for more ranged dps.

Quick recruitment update, we’re currently not looking for Melee. We favor Ranged above Melee at the moment .

We had some nice progress on Azshara last weekend, getting lowest 23% ! We’re still looking for Ranged only because we’re full on melee atm! Exceptional players considered.

Can I join I have warrior hunter holy pala mage all 120 main holy paladin also have a rouge on 113 @jfire99

We had another good weekend this week, and had a short raid today with a quick kill on Azshara. We’re still looking for DPS, priority is still HEAVILY on RANGED!! Melee we consider DH & Monk DPS (2 of each) only right now!

Still looking for more people to join us! We had a nice Saturday as we managed to clear the raid within 2h. We’re still looking for one Windwalker Monk and one Havoc Demon Hunter BUT SPECIFICALLY FOR RANGED!

We cleared the raid in one night again~ Still looking for more people to join us in this raid and hopefully many more to come! We’re still looking for the following:


  • Mage [ High ]
  • Ranged Hunter
  • Shadow Priest
  • 1 Windwalker Monk
  • 1 Havoc Demon Hunter

Tanks: Full.

Healers: Full.

Contact me (info in original post) or better yet, leave an application form on our website! Please read the rules/guidelines on our website before applying :wink:

Still looking for more. Currently not looking for more melee - Ranged priority is above, but any ranged is considered… :slight_smile:

We still need more DPS - details in post.

Since I felt the need to post this… Please, please, look at our class list of what we need or priority list on WoWprogress if you want to roll something what we ‘‘specifically’’ need.

We will never ask someone to specifically reroll this or that class because we will always tell you that you should in the end play what you most enjoy or what you are most comfortable with. If you really, really insist, we’ll help with a choice (we follow our priority as well… exactly as listed on Wowprogress or our website.) but we won’t hold ourselves accountable for any unhappiness following that.

Per usual, don’t be afraid to write me a message on Discord or Battlenet if you have any questions - this post is just a headsup as we get many questions and many talks of ‘‘If you need this or that…’’…

Still looking for more DPS to join us in the raid! <3

Currently we need:


  • Mage [ High ]
  • Ranged Hunter
  • Shadow Priest
  • Other Ranged [medium]

Currently full on Melee. We only consider one WW monk at the moment.

Tanks: Full!!!

Healers: Full.

We are still looking for more DPS to join us this raid and beyond~ For more info, check out the above post or contact me!

Currently we still need:

The specific classes listed are the highest priorities.

  • Mage
  • Ranged Hunter
  • Shadow Priest
  • Balance Druid
  • Other Ranged [medium]


Full on Melee.

Tanks: FULL!!

Healers: FULL!