Desculpem ter enviado isto para aqui


Desculpem malta mas tive que enviar este meu Thread para aqui, isto já devia tar nas profundezas nos Forums Geral, mas continuaram sempre a puxar o tópico para cima mesmo sem ter nada haver com o assunto :sweat_smile:

Foi só mesmo para me livrar disto dos Forums Geral porque também não o consigo eliminar :sweat_smile:


Yeah right.

They’ll come up with a new garbage reason to start another faction war.
Faction wars aren’t even interesting, I don’t understand why people wants it. It’ll end in a draw either way, since they wont let one faction win.


So long as we have two milquetoast leaders at the top there probably won’t be any hot wars any time soon.

The Night Elves are a loose cannon though so if anything were to happen it would begin with Tyrande.


Better than becoming World of Peacecraft no? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If this is the Future of WoW, it’s better they start creating a new MMO game with different Characters and Story :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Won’t ever be Peacecraft, since theres always bad guys coming.

Twilight’s Hammer, Burning Legion, The Void, etc.


Meh not enough

Alliance and Horde should be Eternal Enemies and in hard times against Big Guys just fighting together against a Common Enemy

Tip “Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend” and that’s it

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Because faction wars are so interesting.

If Blizzard wont let a side win, why even bother having it?
Besides, there will never be true peace. Just because the leaders have declared peace, doesn’t mean every member of the Horde/Alliance will follow that. Just look at Tyrande and Genn.


And you think that is enough? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There was no faction war between Vanilla - Wrath.

Clearly worked.


Actually they had but little also in that time All Major Villains were Alive, now in this time every Major Characters Heroes or Villains are dead, only a few left, so what’s next :roll_eyes:

There was no faction war. Skirmishes and hostilities, sure, but no outright war.

They weren’t at peace, either. I think all they had was a treaty.


Telling the true War of Alliance vs Horde never ended even in Fight or in Cold War way

The only that bothers me is This time of Peace between Factions and all Major Villains are dead, so what we have left? :man_shrugging:

Sargeras isn’t dead, and he’ll more than likely return.

The Void Lords, and then new ones.

Like the ones in Shadowlands.


Horde x Alliance war stories are repetitive and boring, and at the current state of affairs, make no sense. We had enough of this already.


The whole BFA faction war didn’t make sense.


Sure but lets see on this way:

If there won’t any more War with Alliance and Horde and if the rest of Villains that left are not that Interesting at all and Story becomes more Limited, what is the point o WoW and more Expansions? :man_shrugging:

Starting creating a new MMO game will much better idea imo


Because the Faction War is boring and outdated. No side will ever win, so why even continue with it? They limit themselves by forcing the faction war.


So in that case a New MMO Game is better solution :roll_eyes:

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Perhaps for you, I don’t think many will agree with it.


It really didn’t, but in reality, it was Sylvanas toying with the Horde to go in war with the Alliance again so thousands of souls would be fed to the Jailer. Stuff like Teldrassil just fall in the line of this. I think the writers already know that there is no logic or reason for the factions to go at war with each other so there’s always something else having a hand on it, in BfA it was Sylvanas trying to empower her new master.