Destro locks need a nerf

please nerf this abomination of a class - its literally the rogue among casters but worse and better


ele shammy =

tank damage,
wait for procs ,
100-0 someone


ele is far more broken than destro atm


pointless to post on these forums cause you crackheads check what spec the OP is posting on and just flame that instead of actually staying on topic

and btw ele can get killed, there is a reason it is ALWAYS the target, meanwhile destro just tanks 2 melees and is fine getting healed by a druid 45 yards away


aye thats what happen when you post from one of the more overtuned specs yourself…


am I dreaming? is ele complaining about another caster? Ele is easily the most busted caster in the game


tell me how destro is an abomination of a class, please.


detro dies even faster then ele no?


how? you have short cd port, gate, wall, pact, better selfhealing, and more self peels

Lmao in the only window where a destro can burst with his cds and kick immunity ele can still deny it all with one grounding


yes you are right

i think destro now is just so stupid.
it clearly abuses a bug with havoc pvp talent and it really is just stupid that all dmg comes from instant casts while chaos bolt does little dmg.

cant say destro is crazy op. the dmg adds up sure but didnt feel like i just go massively crapped on by one where i had 0 reaction time.
if anything the dmg profile of all classes should be like that.
more overwhelming slow dmg if healer cannot blast through all day

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That’s a big point, a 3 second cast deals same or less damage than instant spells. Please blizzard buff Chaos Bolt by 200% and give it a cd. So no spamming it.

And they should buff UA dispel. A healer should always be punished if he dispels the dots.


Yeah our instant casts vs Ele shammy instant casts, idk if your trolling or not.

And you kind of need gate/port considering every melee is an f1 car right now, apart from rets. :kek: Can’t really soak damage as well as spriest/ele can.

And if you manage to make space and pump some damage then surely that’s just an outplay? Should be able to put pressure on people by making space, I don’t think destro is busted in the slightest right now. Think you have bigger things to worry about, like Ele’s/Assa.

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it doesnt even need to be op to be the most annoying class to face

How any of that matters? Other than Ret no melee will have issues of catching up with Lock mobility.


Just cuz its annoying to you doesnt mean it needs nerfs, many other classes/specs are more annoying then destro.
Only lock spec that was truly busted and needed nerfs was demo, got fixed everything is fine with locks now move on.


Nice bait, but i won’t reactivate my lock until chaos bolt is buffed or they get their fireroot back.

Instead, their mastery no longer reduce dmg taken in DF.

After the update mages and evokers seem more deadly or it is just, that the flood of dks and warriors won’t have much trouble with locks anyways, idk.

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and you think any melee doesnt have 100% uptime on an ele in comparison…?