Destro locks need a nerf

That’s complete horsedung. You could have posted from a level 1 classic rogue and people would still have replied that ele is far more busted because it objectively is.

You’re just mad people don’t agree with you.

WoW :smiling_face_with_tear: that hurts

Anyone else click this expecting a troll post ? If i could nerf anything right now destro wouldnt even be in my top 10


My personal experience says the exact opposite :rofl:
Destro cant cast under 2 melee training while I dont see the ele casting, yet dealing the highest damage among 4 under me 24/7 harassing

no destro design is better than it ever was after WoD casting clunky chaosbolts is not the way the incinerate build is way more fun

I know that’s why cb needs a cd, so we can’t spam it anymore. It is not of an impactful 3 second cast. Which is used to put pressure on the team.

conflagrate gives you -30% cast time on next cb, but noooo
warlocks wanna dashing in full haste gear with short casts, gcds and smooth gameplay and spam fast havoc AOE chaos bolts


yea pls make chaos bolt hit half of ppls health bars again i really miss that

No chaos bolt don’t get any boost to cast time or damage increase. But give it a proper cd Life 15-18 seconds and maybe increase shard cost to 3.

UA dispel should deal the same damage… it should protect the dots. But you can always line the cast. It is 3 seconds without benefits. No cast time reduction.

looking forward to coming back here when people realize i was right

it sure is interesting to see that people apparently feel different though - every time i face a lock pure misery is what i feel

Funny thing
I trained the ele literally 24/7 as a fury becoz no sane person give a damn about fury
Yet he dealt the highest damage every round without skyfury and stormkeeper (I kick everytime)

Ele / ench hard counters Locks. Thats just l2p.

everything is possible in your dreams

Alot of streamers sayibg that all 3 lock speccs are very good and considered a+ tier

They are good, it is only design which could be better. Like MR garbage needs a rework. UA dispel needs a damage buff.

Chaos Bolt needs a buff but remove every enhance for it. Just one big cast.

Demo needs a revert to demonic Strength and give it a animation. Tyrant play is totally boring.

That doesn’t mean anything since half of specs are beyond broken, OP said it’s more broken then assa witch is nonsense, let’s just call a spec broken cuz ME DONT LIKE IT, the majority of ppl with common sense know that what OP stated are pure lies.

no they dont

compared to assa, arms, and ele destro are nothing

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Destro warlock is mostly about buffs he generates - if he get purged that’s gonna take a large portion of his burst away. Sadly you barely see people using purge in solo shuffle.

Another thing is I think if you kill his pet you are taking away his tank-like defence (not sure about that maybe we can get a warlock to speak up on this)

Overall if you don’t counter him by doing this and leave spec to free cast he might seem imba that’s why I can understand where OP is coming from

Depends on the preference of the player, some play with GoSac some with pet. Also depends on enemy team. Sometimes it is useful to have a pet.
Against rm succubus is helpful in 2s.

This counts for every class.