Developer Update: A Look at What’s Ahead for Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Developer Update: A Look at What’s Ahead for Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic provides new opportunities to make a few changes that will improve the gameplay experience in the next chapter of Classic WoW. In this Developer Update, the World of Warcraft Classic Team takes you through some of those changes and what they can mean for the future of Wrath Classic.

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ok I like what is in this post but what you are doing with things like 50% xp buffs and boosts does not fit into it


Your plan to buff damage/health in Naxxramas may have just killed our guild.

We are casuals, we only have one night to play together, there are 17 bosses in this tier, and you’ve now may have put a full clear of the very first raid tier out of our reach.

I can’t imagine hardcore guilds are going to appreciate this change either - surely they’ll care more about speedrunning and the no-deaths achievements?

Please reconsider this change and its impact on the casual scene, especially in light of your stated goal of nurturing and protecting social experiences - because you’ve just destroyed ours.


Top kek

All you had to do was release wotlk …

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I think it might be an interesting version of vanilla+, but will not be what wotlk fans had hoped for. Blizzard removes wotlk elements and add more retail elements, the the Group Finder or possibly some sort of mythic dungeons. Instead of a faithful version of wotlk we get an vanilla-retail hybrid.

I my opinion keeping bots, boosting, gdkps with legit RMT (money>token>gold retail>trade to classic) and layers hurt the game much more than the described changes do good. We dont even know if they will do any good, because e.g. harder heroic dungeon content only encourages gatekeeing and excluding casuals.

Characters, that just finished their leveling later in the expansion, wont find groups, because the heroic dungeons are too hard, if they are ment to be a challenge for geared characters. If they make heroic dungeons have different difficulties, they split up the community. The heroic dungeons were meant to be an environment where all players can meet.

The itemization part could turn out well, but could turn out awful as well. Its a gamble, that I personally would like to avoid, by just have a faithfully recreated game.


Naxx is so insanely easy, even with a 50% dmg/health buff 9/10 pugs would clear it without any problems/wipes.
Imagine Kara, just twice as easy.


Naxx is so insanely easy, even with a 50% dmg/health buff 9/10 pugs would clear it without any problems/wipes.
Imagine Kara, just twice as easy.

it’s not just about being able to clear it, it’s about the time it takes. We play to raid only normal 10-mans in the future tiers cus we only have one night to play and we’re all boomers. But for this first tier, we have 17 bosses to get through. With nerfed naxx it’s fine, but with arbitrary HP buffs to trash in particular? It’ll be very difficult to keep the gang together.

But dont you wanna enjoy raiding aswell? Original wotlk naxx is just a loot pinata, id assume that if you guys only have 1 evening a week to play the game u atleast want some kind of challenge which naxx isnt, even for boomers.


there’s a sweet spot - if the content isn’t clearable, it’s a waste of time. If the content is too easy, it sort of sucks.

But the experience of playing as a team is by FAR the bigger appeal of raiding than any challenge, so I’d rather they err on the side of making it clearable on boomer schedules so we can keep doing our weekly get-together.

Everything we’ve learned about raiding in modern MMOs is that making them exceedingly difficult or time consuming just drives players away. You can see it in the low engagement with mythic raiding in retail, the gigantic engagement with raiding in the early tiers of classic, and you can see it in FFXIV.

I don’t think we’re a unique case - but I think many players like us just quit when WoW devs do this.


Stop meesing up the game with your nonsense changes for LFD.
Leave it as it is no one cares what you think about what people want.

You clearly misunderstand your customer base, even after almost 20 years.


They won’t find groups as most players were from launch and already have everything they need from dungeons and don’t run them or to small extent in guild only. The same thing happened in TBC. The less people needed from normal the more healer or tanks were missing in public PUGs, then slowly the same with HC.

There is also a reason why people like fresh but only some want to stay and raidlog through the whole expansion :slight_smile:

All we’ve wanted to do all these years is play through Wrath again and you’re chopping and changing it, just release it as it was.

Absolutely don’t want any changes to Heroics, no matter the phase, don’t want Naxx different to how it was back then, literally the only change I agree with is the LFD, that’s what killed the community.

If I wanted to run difficult dungeons I’d play Retail on Mythic+.


Well, nowadays it’s not like back then. The meta and optimization is off the scale so IMHO their LFD decision is just to make people talk about that and not other things they will push alongside it :wink: especially monetization ones.

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here we go again, showing exactly how little you understand of the wotlk atmosphere

T7 is the introductory raid where people are hoping to get alts levelled and geared for the real raids (T8 onwards). Not something where you want to progress the same freaking raid again. Why are you against T7 being easy?

When it comes to T9, the majority of players back in the day cleared both 25man and 25man hc in LESS than 2 hours combined (and that’s being GENEROUS, usually it was faster). Why do we have to worry about content drought in T9 because you clearly have no clue how it actually was playing the game back then?

Get a grip.


Love how you’re both stating that Wrath should be released as was, but also you want LFD removed. Really just picking the argument that’s convenient to you at the time huh?


Well they announced the LFD changes a while ago, pretty sure the majority agree LFD and LFR changed the game for the worse.

The changes they’ve announced today, I don’t agree with any.

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Funny, I see the opposite. And I never seen any release of the developers to prove otherwise, i’d like to see the data they made their decision on. After all, if you want to remove features from the game and change it, it seems reasonable the burden of proof is on you that a majority wants this.

Also, i’m pretty sure the majority wants these Heroic and naxx changes, as it changed the game for the worse :smiley: (hehe?)


Glad that you are going to fix the badges, I hope all raids will remain relevant like in Classic/TBc

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All I’m seeing with the Heroic and Naxx changes is they’re taking elements of SoM and putting them into Classic, I don’t want Wrath SoM I want Wrath as it was 15 years ago.

Appreciate I’m contradictory with wanting the removal of LFD, maybe selfishly biased, I just believe it was the beginning of the end for me.


Hey, at least you can acknowledge that.