Developer Update: A Look at What’s Ahead for Wrath of the Lich King Classic

To be honest, upon reading the post above, I feel like we’re basically gonna have WotLK SoM. Was it too much to ask for, to give us WotLK as it was first and leave this experimentation for SoM? Or did Vanilla SoM convince you that you only have one chance at monetizing this?

I mean, they’re not really changing much in that department. They’re just going to apply the same “consolidation” of emblems that once didn’t occur until 3.2 from the getgo, where the current raid drops the latest emblem type and everything else drops emblems from one tier below.


Maybe that’s why people loved it? because it was free gear for everyone? :smiley:


I would be less worried if (1) we had both a normal and a hardmode or heroic version, like in Ulduar/ToC/ICC, and if (2) I hadn’t see what kind of abomination they created when tweaking difficulty in SoM.


You can also go to RFC as a team. What will you do when Ulduar lands? Complain that it´s too hard?

You can also go to RFC as a team. What will you do when Ulduar lands? Complain that it´s too hard?

Skip the hard modes basically,

But what if normal mode proves to be too much for your so called “casuals”
Also the word casual is by no means an indication of a lack in skills.

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I’m loving these changes. Naxxramas 2.0 was too easy and the 5 mans were also a snooze fest. And the thought of these 5 mans rewarding Tier 9 emblems is nauseating, hope they remove that nonsense. Good on you Blizz.

And to those whining about difficulty and time: tough. MMORPGs require a time investment and if you don’t have the time, you shouldn’t expect the game to be nerfed for everyone just so you can clear it.

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That would be surprising, given that we’re all very experienced with the game, but basically if the game stops supporting guilds that can only schedule 1 night a week to play, then we’ll stop playing. Which is what I’m saying will happen now if these Naxx changes are too severe.

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If I had any faith that the “newly buffed” Naxx is gonna be around Ulduar normal in terms of difficulty, I wouldn’t be worried. What I’m worried about is them buffing it to be, like, on par with Sunwell or something. Especially after seeing what they did in SoM.

People weren’t expected the game to be nerfed, or buffed. People were just expecting to experience the game as it was. This kind of stuff should’ve waited at least until Wrath SoM.


So… since the world is the main character as you say, can we get to keep the lvl 60 versions of Naxx and Onyxia?
I don’t think it would be immersion breaking to have them remain in the game in Wrath, and that way we would get to keep some transmogs and professions recipes obtainable.


Imagine all you have to do is just deliver the most successful MMO expansion ever created and yet you manage to fail even to this!! Its not easy but I am cofident that Blizzard developers can actually do it. Its not even a joke, is a sad story…


For the love of god please unlock Firemaw

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Not only that, with this consolidation it means that there will be only 2 tipes of badges while in Wotlk retail we had

  • Tier 7 Badge of Valor

  • Tier 8 Badge of Conquest

  • Tier 9 Badge of Triumph

  • T10 Badge of Frost

With this new change older tier will not become obsolete because like now in TBCC it’s worth running older raids for badge farm on main/alts.

That’s how it was in WotLK too since 3.2, though. They just anticipated something that already was in the game but in a later phase. With 3.2, everything that wasn’t ToC was changed to drop Emblems of Conquest, not just Ulduar. And in 3.3, they doubled down on this by making everything outside of ICC and RS drop Emblems of Triumph.

Weird though that you don’t hear ppl droning about this the same way they do about RDF - so, apparently, anticipating elements of the game is fine, as long as you like them?

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No it wasnt’ for Raids, only Heroic Dungeons had this change.

From 3.2 patch notes:

Emphasis mine. When they’re speaking of dungeons here they mean instanced content in general, including raids - hence why they mentioned Naxx too.

Then they are doing good to dont add RDF, this way older raids will remain relevant later on.

Classic has proved that the game is good but also needs some changes to stay a relevant game in modern times. These changes sound good and have good philosophy behind them.

As someone who has no lifed Classic I approve your effort and your changes. No idea why so many people complaining especially those who seem to be from retail.


Also those that are complaining about Naxx being harder, you’ve already seen that they nerf everything to the ground 2 months in. Let us have some sort of challenge for the first two months… like please…


Nobody wants from your nurture and social experiments! We want WOTLK the way it was many years ago! That is why we all want to play it again! If you want your failed experiments - make it in retails, which no one wants to play!